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Horror Crawl- Survivor's Perspective
The google doc version of this crawl (based on the game Dead by Daylight) can be found here

Darkness falls and your only source of light out here in the woods is the bonfire you and your friends built and the dim light of the fog covered moon. Deep in your gut you get the feeling that camping out here in the middle of nowhere and so close to a supposedly haunted, abandoned old farm house wasn’t such a good idea. But you know there’s no bailing now, you’ll never live it down if you do. Of course, you might not live through the night anyway.

You feel eyes on you and search for the source, but don’t see anyone out there lurking in the dark. Still, you can’t shake the feeling in your stomach that something bad might happen. Write 100 words while you nervously sit listening to your friends tell ghost stories that most certainly aren’t helping your paranoid senses.

It’s your turn to tell a ghost story, as if you aren’t already shaken enough just being out here in the woods at night. Word war for 15 minutes while you try to outdo the stories that have already been told and try not to scare yourself even more in the process.

You and your friends hear a noise not too far off. It sounds like classical music and your friends want to investigate despite your objections. They offer to leave you behind to watch over the camp, but you think you better go with them and make sure they stay out of trouble. Do a three digit challenge as the four of you follow the music to the old farmhouse.

One member of your group suggests you go inside and investigate further, not satisfied simply knowing where the music was coming from. Another friend insists on staying outside, no longer nervous about admitting their own fear. You think maybe he has the right idea, but aren’t so sure it’s a good idea to split up and decide to follow the others into the house. Sprint for 10 minutes while you investigate and question your choice to “follow the crowd.”

You find an old record player and turn it off, putting an end to the eerie music that lured you and your friends here. Who could have turned it on? This place was supposed to be abandoned. A cry for help penetrates the night air and you know the friend you left behind outside must be in some sort of trouble. You feel a little guilty for leaving him alone, but at least it’s him and not you and for all you know he could just be messing with you, trying to scare you. Still, better safe than sorry from here on out. Write to the nearest 1,000 while you search for a hiding spot. If there is something or someone out there, you don’t want to be the next victim if it or they come inside.

You hear footsteps in the hall that leads to the front door, and some sort of metallic like sound combined with a grunt indicating some sort of struggle that you very much doubt came from one of your other friends. Someone else must be in the house. Your theory is confirmed when you hear one of your other friends lets out a pained cry for help a few minutes later. You can’t let another friend fall victim to whoever is after you. Do a 50 headed hydra as you work up the courage to go to her rescue.

You reluctantly sneak out of your hiding spot and follow the cries for help into a basement where you find your injured friend left like some sort of sacrifice. Write 500 words as you struggle to set her free so the two of you can escape to safety.

A loud, crashing, metallic snap indicating that some sort of trap has been triggered echoes through the house and you reach the hall to the front door just in time to see a tall, burly man pick up the last member of your group and carry him your direction. Attempt to write 200 words in 5 minutes as you and your friend slip into a nearby room to hide.

You contemplate leaving one friend to escape on their own while you return to the basement to rescue the other, but you’re quickly talked out of it after the friend with you warns you that the man will likely stay and keep an eye on your doomed friend after finding one of them missing. You reluctantly and sadly agree and lead the way toward the door, so close to freedom. Too bad you forgot about the bear trap that the man reset. Sprint to 300 words while you and your friend try to open the trap so you can limp to safety.

Footsteps sound and you know their headed your direction. You continue to struggle with the trap while your friend leads the killer away from you, probably unintentionally give that she’s running away screaming likely in hopes that he’ll attack his trapped victim first so she can return and escape on her own. You don’t feel so bad when he catches her. Write for 5 minutes to finally succeed in freeing yourself from the bear trap.

You did it! You escaped the bear trap, and you’re so close to freedom. You throw open the door just as footsteps once again sound behind you, the killer hot on trail. Running with your injured leg won’t be easy, but you take off anyone, determined to make it out of this alive. Write 1,000 words in an hour to escape the killer.

If you succeed, congratulations you managed to escape alive. If you did not succeed, you didn’t escape, but you’re not dead yet. Write 500 words in 30 minutes and you’ll manage to escape to freedom and safety.

If you still didn’t succeed, you put up a good fight but didn’t make it… you knew a night in the woods was a bad idea and that you should have stayed home. Perhaps you’ll have better luck in the afterlife.  

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