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Horror Crawl- Killer's Perspective
The google doc version of this crawl (based on the video game Dead by Daylight) can be found here

Night has fallen and you can hear the entity calling out to you, beckoning to you. Your time has come, the entity demands a sacrifice, and it’s your job to satisfy its insatiable appetite. But before you slip out into the dark to hunt the rambunctious and unwise teenagers camping out in the woods near the old farm you now call home, you’ll need a weapon. Write for 10 minutes to figure out what you’ll be hunting with on this dark night.
If you wrote less than 200 words, you’re stuck hunting with your hands, so sharpen your claws and be on the lookout
If you wrote 200-500 words, you’ll be hunting with a knife; nothing fancy, but it’ll do the trick.
If you wrote more than 500 words, you’ll be hunting with a chainsaw with which you’ll strike a little more fear into the hearts of your unsuspecting prey.
You’ve got your weapon and you’re ready to being your hunt. You have nine hours to catch and sacrifice each member of the small group before the sun comes up, sending you back into hiding. Sprint to 200 words as you step out into the darkness.
You shuffle quietly into the woods, lured in by the smell and sight of a bonfire, and spot your prey. There are four of them, and though you’re eager to attack, you know it wouldn’t be wise to just go running into the middle of their late night party. Sprint for 5 minutes while you come up with a plan.
You know just the thing. You wander back to the farm house, deciding the best course of action is to lure them to you, split them up, and then pick them off one by one. Attempt a 50 headed hydra as you set up to carry out your devious plan.
There’s an old record player on a table in the farm house. You dust it off and test it to find that it still works, no doubt thanks to a little help from the entity. You drag the table to the window and turn the volume up as loud as it will go, hoping the classical music it plays will be enough to piqué the curiosity of the unwise teenagers and lure them in. Write 100 words while you wait in a carefully chosen hiding spot.
It takes a few minutes, but your plan works and soon the group is headed your way, eager to know why there’s music emanating from an old farm house that’s supposed to be abandoned. Take a 5 minute break while you listen to them argue amongst themselves about whether it’s a good idea to go inside and investigate.
Three of them finally agree to go inside. One insists on staying outside and waiting for the others, claiming he thinks it’s stupid and pointless in an attempt to cover up his obvious fear. You wait for the others to disappear inside before sneaking up on your prey. Write 50 words as you carefully tip toe toward your unsuspecting victim.
If you’re using your hands as your weapon, write 600 words to knock your first victim unconscious.
If you have a knife, write 400 words to attack him.
If you’re using a chainsaw, write 200 words to start it up and incapacitate your victim and alert the others that you’re coming.
You pick your victim up and carry him over your shoulder to a nearby sacrificial hook where you leave him behind so the entity can devour his soul. Sprint for 5 minutes as you hurry back to the farm house and slip inside.
You know you can’t leave the door completely unattended, or else the others might escape. Luckily, you found a couple rusted old bear traps while searching for tools earlier. Randomly generate a number between 1 and 5 and sprint to 100 times the number you get as you struggle with one of the old traps.
With the trap set up you head deeper into the house only to find one of the remaining victims headed your way, clearly spooked by something and eager to flee the house even it if means leaving her friends behind. You act quickly when she parts her lips to call to her friends.
If you’re using your hands, you take a couple long strides in her direction and block her scream from alerting the others. Write 300 words.
If you’re wielding a knife, you lunge at her and attack. Write 200 words.
If you’re weapon is a chainsaw, you rev it up and the sound drowns out her cry for help before injuring her. Write 100 words.
You carry the girl to another sacrificial hook in the basement of the old farm house and leave her behind for the entity to finish off. But she has just enough energy left to cry out to her friends and one of them goes to rescue her while the other heads for the door. Good thing you set that bear trap. Flip a coin, if you get heads write 500 words and attack the one trying to escape. If you get tails, write for 5 minutes to stop your last victim from being rescued.
If you went after the one trying to escape:
You find a young man in a college letter jacket attempting to free his injured leg from the bear trap. He isn’t who you expected to find attempting to escape, but it makes no difference. Write for 5 minutes to knock him unconscious and reset the trap before carrying him to the basement.
You’re more careful this time, not straying too far while you wait for the entity to take its next victim. Do another 50 headed hydra as you wander the rooms near the basement, waiting for the entity to accept your offering.
The sound of the bear trap triggering catches your attention and you rush toward the door to find your previous victim trying to make a break for it. Her friend struggles to set her free until they spot you.
If your only weapons is your hands, race toward your next victim and tackle her to the ground as she attempts to escape around the corner and down a nearby hallway. Sprint to 300 words.
If your weapon is a knife, it’s a quick and easy take down. Sprint to 100 words.
If you’re using a chainsaw, she makes a break for while you start it up, forcing you to chase her through the house. Sprint to 500 words.
One more victim and the entity will be pleased with your work and reward you with the gift of immortality as payment for your troubles. You return upstairs after leaving your third victim for the entity and find the bear trap empty and the door wide open. You can’t let her escape and time is running short. You’ll have to make case. Write 1,000 words in an hour to catch her and make the entity happy.
If you succeed, congratulations; you caught the last victim and the entity is pleased and rewards you with the gift of immortality. Reward yourself with an hour break.
If you did not succeed, the victim managed to escape and the sun is coming up. Return to the farm house and write another 500 words as you prepare to try again when night falls once more.

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