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Prince Caspian
Here is the link for the crawl as a google doc. 

“Prince Caspian lived in a great castle with his uncle Miraz, the King of Narnia, and his Aunt Prunaprismia, who had red hair.”  Write 200 words, and introduce a character.

Miraz sends Caspian’s nurse away for telling him stories about Old Narnia, when beasts could talk and four kings and queens ruled. Write to the nearest 500 as she flees to safety.

Caspian’s new tutor has arrived, and begins to instruct him in every subject imaginable. Do a 300 word piece on the history of Narnia (or whatever world you’re writing about.)

After a few days, Dr Cornelius announces that there will be a conjunction of two great planets, and tells Prince Caspian that he will have to get up in the middle of the night to see it.  Roll a die, and write that number times 100 words while Caspian and his tutor climb the numerous steps the the very top of the great tower.

As the conjunction is taking place, Dr Cornelius tells Caspian about Old Narnia, and assures him that the stories are all true.  10 minute word sprint while Dr Cornelius tells Caspian all he can in their short time.  

After a few years, there is a commotion in the castle.  The Queen has had a son!  As the king’s nephew, Caspian is now disposable, and must flee for his life.  Race to the nearest 400 words as Caspian races to stay ahead of Miraz’s men who are out to, er, remove him from the line of succession.

As Caspian flees, he hits his head on a tree branch and falls off his horse.  When he wakes up, he is in the company of Old Narnians.  Write 200 words while Caspian convinces them that he’s not a spy for Miraz.  (Bonus: involve someone persuading someone else.)

After some persuading, the Old Narnians (with the possible  exception of Nikabrik) believe that Prince Caspian is himself, and that he wants to help them.  They take him to meet “the others.” Choose two:
  • Bulgy Bears: Write at your own pace for ten minutes while the bears wake up
  • Pattertwig, the squirrel: Trufflehunter gives him messages to many creatures, so roll a die and write 100 words for each message.
  • Seven Brothers of Shuddering Wood: Write 50 words for each dwarf
  • Glenstorm, the Centaur: He is the first to speak of real war.  Do a five minute word sprint as everyone realizes how serious this might actually be.
  • Reepicheep:  Nothing would suit Reepicheep the Mouse except a fifty-headed hyrda.
Everyone assembles on the Dancing Lawn for a Council of War.  Write cheerfully for 15 minutes while the fauns lead a dance, and then get down to the business to be discussed--war.  For that, write for...WAIT!  The hare interrupts you--he smells someone coming!  

Dr Cornelius has arrived with warning: Miraz knows that Caspian has fled to the Narnians, and they haven’t been careful about hiding.  Write 200 words as he scolds everyone for their carelessness.

The doctor suggests that the all go where the Telmarines won’t want to follow them: to Aslan’s How, inside the forest, and next to the river.  Do a half hour word war while you make the journey.

Miraz’s men find the How more quickly than would be hoped.  Everyone is trapped inside and around.  Write for twenty minutes as they try to figure out what to do.

Deep in the heart of the How, beside a cracked Stone that is said to be magic, Dr Cornelius advises Caspian to sound the horn that was Queen Susan’s, to see if it will bring help, and to send messengers to where that help might come.  Write to the nearest 500 words as you wait for the next sunrise to blow the horn.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (er… England) , Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are at the train station, getting ready to go back to school.  The boys’ train arrives at half past, so write until half past the hour (if it’s right after that now, you may cheat and just write until the hour).

Suddenly, they are pulled away from the train station, into a thick forest.  They find their way through the forest to a beach, and begin to walk along it.  Write 400 words as they hike for hours, trying to find their way out of the woods, and to figure out where they are.

After a while of following the beach, they realize that they are on an island.  They find a stream to drink from, and have some sandwiches in their pockets to eat, but it’s not going to be enough forever.  Write at your own pace for 15 minutes while they rest for lunch.

After following the stream for a ways, they find apple trees!  They may not be too nutritious on their own, but they are certainly better than nothing.  Go get an apple (or some kind of snack, preferably fruit) and write all you can while you eat it!

Beside the trees, they find an old wall.  They make their way inside and realize they are standing inside the courtyard of an ancient castle.  Once you clean the apple juice off your keyboard, write 400 words while they explore the castle and make their camp for the night.

Susan finds a gold chess piece, just like the ones that they used to play with at Cair Paravel.  Write one page of memories of a character remembering something while everyone remembers their favorite thing about Narnia.

Peter comes to the realization, and points out to the others, that if this place isn’t Cair Paravel, it’s an exact replica, just hundreds of years in the future, which is why it’s so dilapidated.  5 minute word sprint while they rip all the ivy (and wood) out of the door to the treasure chamber.

Having found the treasure room, everyone goes down to see what’s left.  Since there are 16 steps to the treasure chamber, write 160 words as they climb down, guided by Edmund’s new electric torch.

Everyone’s gifts from Father Christmas are still in the treasure room, except for Susan’s horn, which has somehow gone missing.  But they don’t know when they’ll need Edmund’s torch again, so they need to save the battery.  So everyone goes back upstairs to sleep for the night.  Five gifts remain, so write 500 words while they sleep.  Quietly, so you don’t disturb them.

When the children wake up, they decide that they need to get off the island to get some real food and find out what’s been happening.  Write for 10 minutes while they walk down to the shore and try to decide if they can swim across to the mainland.

What’s this?  A boat is coming across the water.  The Telmarine soldiers in the boat don’t see the children, they’re too intent on finishing their task and getting out.  Five minute word sprint as the children realize they’re trying to drown a dwarf, and rush to stop them!

Susan shoots at the Telmarine soldiers to intimidate them.  It works, and they jump out of the boat and swim to the other shore.  Ten minute word war as Peter and Edmund swim out to the boat and bring it and the dwarf.

The dwarf turns out to be Trumpkin, sent to find the aid that might come to Cair Paravel.  Write for 30 minutes as he tells you about Caspian and how he came to be with the Old Narnians.

Trumpkin doesn’t believe the Pevensies are the Kings and Queens of old.  Choose your favorite Pevensie:
  • If you choose Peter, you plan a set of competitions.  Write for 10 minutes while you make the arrangements.
  • If you choose Edmund, you are sword fighting.  Five minute word war until you knock Trumpkin’s sword out of his hand.
  • If you choose Susan, you and Trumpkin have a shooting match.  Write 300 words while you choose a target and shoot it down.
  • If you choose Lucy, you realize that Trumpkin is injured.  A drop of your cordial is easily worth 250 words, so write that while you administer said cordial.  
You now have a boat, so you don’t have to worry about swimming to the mainland.  Write 300 words while they discuss the best route to Aslan’s How.  

After a long day of rowing, the four children and the dwarf make camp for the night, but Lucy is wide awake.  Write for 10 minutes as she wanders the woods near the camp, and talks to the trees, which have been in a deep sleep for centuries.

As they travel, a bear follows them and attacks Lucy.  Fight a 50-headed-hydra as they fight the bear!  If you fail, go sit down a ways away, with Susan and Lucy, and write 200 words while the others skin the bear.

In looking for the Rush River, the five come to an unexpected roadblock: a deep gorge.  Write 1000 words as they realize that this is the Rush, just after a thousand years of erosion.

Lucy has seen Aslan!  But the others (except Edmund) don’t believe her.  Write for five minutes while they decide to go another way.  

Going downstream instead of across the gorge led right to one of Miraz’s outposts!  5 minute word sprint as they run back out of range of Miraz’s sentries, then retrace your steps by deleting your last 200 words. Just kidding!  Write to the nearest 200 as they trudge back upriver.

They make camp again, and again Lucy can’t sleep.  Write at your own pace for 10 minutes as she goes for another walk.

The trees are still not fully conscious, but they are dancing.  Figure out how many dance styles you know, and write 100 words for each (max 1000, min 100).  If you don’t know any dances, write 300 words.

Aslan is here!  He chides Lucy for not coming, even though the others wouldn’t come with her.  Write 400 words as loudly as you can as Lucy tries to wake everyone up.

After a great deal of persuading, everyone follows Lucy, who is following Aslan.  Write to the nearest 500 words as she convinces everyone.

One by one, the others are able to see Aslan too.  At last they emerge from the gorge and all can see him.  Write 500 words (50 for Edmund, 100 for Susan, 150 for Peter, and 200 for Trumpkin, since they took longer to see him).

They are now very near to Aslan’s How, and Aslan sends Trumpkin, Peter, and Edmund inside to “deal with what you will find there.” Then he roars!  My engineer boyfriend says I should say “Sound travels slowly, even for Aslan, so write for 15 minutes and 38 seconds while his roar travels 200 miles, to the very edges of Narnia.”  If you’re rolling your eyes like I am, just write for 15 minutes.

The trees, now fully awakened, come rushing up to Aslan and the girls.  Five minute word sprint as they greet him.

Other creatures have awakened too: Bacchus and Silenus and the Maenads.  Get some really good grapes to eat, and write 400 wordswhile they party, rejoicing in the coming of Aslan.

Inside Aslan’s How, Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin find that Caspian is in a meeting with Nikabrik and his “friends.”  Write silently for 5 minutes as they listen at the door and learn that Nikabrik wants to bring back the White Witch!

There are sounds of fighting from inside the meeting. Obviously, it’s time to suggest a coffee break.  Five minute word war while they fight with the hag, werewolf, and Nikabrik.

After the battle, Trumpkin introduces Caspian to Peter and Edmund.  Get that cup of coffee, and then write to the nearest 500 as they’re introduced.

Bringing back the White Witch is out of the question.  But what will they do, then?  Peter decides to challenge Miraz to a duel to buy time while they wait for Aslan to put his plan into action. Write 200 words of flowery language while Peter dictates the challenge to Dr Cornelius.  Bonus: use a speech-to-text program to dictate it (or else find some very nice person who is willing to be dictated to).

Choosing the messengers to send with the challenge is difficult.  Eventually Edmund, Wimbleweather the Giant, and Glenstorm the Centaur are chosen.  Write 100 words for each.

Lord Glozelle and Lord Sopespian see the messengers bring the challenge, and realize that if Miraz participates, he might well be killed.  They like this idea, and decide to convince him to fight by telling him not to.  Write for five minutes (it didn't take long) while they manipulate, er, advise him.

As planned, Miraz is egged into accepting Peter’s challenge, but not before calling Glozelle a coward.  That didn’t go over well.  Ten minute word sprint while they get everything organized as quickly as possible.  

Now that the duel has been arranged, they need to choose the referees (er, Marshals of the Lists.  That sounds much cooler!).  Reepicheep desperately wants to be chosen, but “some people are afraid of mice, and it would not do to have in sight anything that might abate the edge of Miraz’s courage.”  Write to the nearest 360 as everyone is proud of and annoyed with Peter for being so darned fair!  

Peter isn’t sure whether or not he can beat Miraz.  “That’s what I’m fighting him to find out.”  (Can the famous nursery tale defeat the usurper king?  Tune in at 2:00pm to find out!)  Write in suspenseful silence for ten minutes.

Caspian’s army assembles to watch the fight.  They also aren’t sure if Peter can beat Miraz.  But Trufflehunter notices something the Telmarines don’t seem to yet: the trees have shifted in readiness to attack!  Write 300 words as the trees move into place.  

The fight is fierce.  Both men are very experienced, and neither intend to give in.  The 50-headed hydra feels the same way about you.

After a rest (and an emergency ace wrap for Peter’s shoulder [Call the Narnia EMTs {EMT--Edmund, Master Doctor, Trufflehunter]), they are back at it again.  Peter is afraid he’s not going to beat Miraz.  Hurry to add 200 words, while they rush to bandage Peter's hurt arm.  

Miraz has tripped!  Peter intends to let him get up, but Glozelle and Sopespian have other ideas.  Thus endeth Miraz.  Meanwhile, Sopespian attacks Peter.  Five minute word sprint as the armies of Narnia and Telmar (which has given up claiming to be Narnia) charge toward one another!

It’s a rather short fight, because the trees decided to make sure the Telmarines noticed them.   Another five minute word sprint as the Telmarines, still believing that the forest is full of ghosts, flee in terror.

Meanwhile, Aslan, the girls, and the party have moved on from just partying and are now heading to Beruna.  They destroy the bridge to let the water flow freely.  Get a drink of water, then write 200 words as the ever-growing party splashes across the river!

The group comes to a school, where a little girl is staring out the window.  Write 200 words as the teacher and other students see Aslan and run for their lives, while the one girl comes with them.

Coming to another school, the teacher wants to join the party, but the boys she’s teaching are jerks and don’t want to let her.  They’re acting like animals--like pigs, specifically.  Pigs.  Hmm, thinks Aslan.  Students?  What do you mean your “students” are stopping you?  And where did this herd of pigs come from?  Roll a die, and write 100 words for each pig.

As they are leaving Beruna, they see a little girl crying.  She tells Aslan that her aunt is ill enough that she’s about to die.  Aslan knocks the house over to get to the woman.  (“I’m sorry, but “house knocked over by Lion” is not covered in your insurance policy.”)  Five minute word sprint as everyone gets out of the way of the falling house!

After Aslan breathes on her, the woman is healed.  They bring some water from the well for her to drink, but it’s wine!  Write to the nearest 200 while she climbs up to ride on Aslan’s back.

With the new additions, Aslan, the girls, and everyone else continue on, just in time to meet the Telmarine soldiers fleeing from the trees.  Ten minute word war as they race and fail to escape the trees.

The old woman runs to meet Prince Caspian.  Who would have thought it: she’s his old nurse!  Joyfully write for 5 minutes as they reunite!

Reepicheep is critically wounded.  Lucy uses her cordial to bring him back, but he’s still missing his tail!  Write a 500 word tale while Aslan restores Reepicheep’s tail.

A few days later, after dealing with all the complications that arise from a transfer of power, many Telmarines have assembled at the Ford of Beruna.  Aslan has promised that if anyone doesn’t want to stay and live with the Narnians, they can go back to where they came from: an island in the world of men.  Write 100 words at a firm pace as one brave Telmarine walks through Aslan’s doorway.

It’s time for Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy to go home.  But they can’t very well go back to the train station in their Narnian clothes.  Fortunately, their school clothes have been brought from the castle.  Write to the nearest 500 while they change.

Peter and Susan break the news to the younger two: they won’t be coming back to Narnia, because they are getting too old to come.  Write 150 words as they explain.  

When the four Pevensies go through the doorway, they see three different scenes.  Roll a die to see which scene you notice first.  
  • If you roll a 1 or a 4, you most notice the blue of the sea of the island where the Telmarines are going.  Write 600 words, a hundred for each of the original Telmarines.
  • If you roll a 2 or a 5, you most notice everyone’s faces in Narnia.  Write for 10 minutes as you say goodbye to all of them.
  • If you roll a 3 or a 6, you most notice the emptiness of the train station the Pevensies are going to.  Write 400 words as you think back on your adventure.
Edmund realizes that he’s left his new torch in Narnia.  Turn off the lights, and write by flashlight torchlight for 30 minutes while Edmund waits for his and Peter’s train--trying to figure out how he’s going to explain the missing torch to his father.

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