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Percy Jackson Themed crawl
Over here you can find the crawl as a google doc.

You have been kicked out of every school you have gone too. (And you swear it's always been an accident) For every year of school you have done,  multiply it by 50 and write that many words. (11 years of school x 50 =550 words)

Your on the last field trip of the year at your fancy boarding school for troubled (rich) kids, even though you protest that you are neither. On the bus, the school bully is throwing peanut butter sandwich at your best friends head, and none of the teachers are watching, and you are getting really upset with the bully.
Quick! Write a 5 minute word sprint to control your anger!

You manage not to punch the bully in the face, and manage to make it to the historical museum. Your awesome latin teacher shows you around!
OPTIONAL! Write 400 words so you can remember things for your exam! Did you do it? Great! Have a can of bottled mist so you can skip a round!

During lunch, the bully comes to torture you  and your bestfriend when WHAM! They are on the ground wailing, and the meanest, strictest teacher  comes over with a mean look on her face.
Write a 100 words in a minute to think of an excuse!

She doesn't buy it, and
drags you to an empty room to "talk", when suddenly, she starts talking about a stolen item, and turns into one of the Furies! Out of nowhere, your Latin teacher comes and passes you a gold sword, and disappears just like that! Do a five minute word sprint to beat her!

You beat her, but you are no longer holding a sword, it is a pen, and everyone remembers a completely different teacher, your latin teacher doesn't even remember the fight! You only know something is up because your bestfriend is a terrible liar. Towards the end of June, you get more rash, confused and pick some fights, failing most of your exams and getting the notice that you will not be asked to return next year. You leave on a bus for home, your bestfriend next to you.
Write for 15 minutes on the trip back.

When you get home, your parent is just happy to see you, and says excitedly that you two are going to (insert meaningful cheap destination here).
Write 200 words as you pack!

You hop in the car and head out for the place. When you get there, it's ominous and stormy, and just as you get settled in, your best friend appears, telling your parent that they are being followed and that you have to leave for the camp. You are confused, but your parent says to get in the car and you all get in the car, with a shape chasing you.
Write to the nearest thousand so the cars goes faster!

Oh no! The shape turns out to be a minotaur and it caught up with you and flipped the car! Your friend is unconscious, and the minotaur picks up your parent and they disappear in a shower of gold! In a rage, you attack.
10 minute word war! Go!

You did it, you beat the minotaur and ripped of it's horn! Tired, you drag yourself and your friend past the border and fall unconscious.
Break TIME! You are unconscious, so you can't really do anything, so go take a break for 10 minutes.

You wake up a few days later, and you see that your bestfriend is alright! but they are a stayr who was supposed to protect you! But thy say your parent is probably dead, leaving you numb with grief. Now you have to go talk to the camp director and Director of activities, who turn out to be Dionysius and your Latin teacher, who is actually Chiron!
Write for an hour, at any pace you want. If you write more than 1,200 words, have a can of bottled mist so you can skip a round!

Chiron sends a girl named Annabeth to take you to where you'll be staying nd show you around the camp. During that, Clarisse, daughter of Ares, gets into a fight with you!
Write 700 words in 10 minutes! If you don't get 700 words, you loose and either a) The next print you do is extended by the amount of words you needed to get too 700  or b) the next amount of words you have to write gets increased by the amount you needed to get to 700.

The next day you do some sword training, and end up against Luke for a demonstration!
Go find a prompt, and the first one you see is the one you use! Come back in5 minutes!

The next few days is spent trying to figure out who your godly is, and suddenly it is Friday and it is capture the flag!
5 minute word sprint !
You are surrounded by Ares kids, and have to fend them all off! Write 300 words!

Somehow, you manage to beat them, and Luke comes by with the other teams flag! Turns out Annabeth was watching you the whole time with her invisibility cap. But is doesn't matter, your team won! Then suddenly a hellhound comes out of the darkness, prowling towards you! With a surge of power you beat it, and a sign flashes above your head, your godly parent has claimed you!

Using a random number generator (Random.org is a good one) put in numbers from 1 to 11. The number you get is your godly parent. Depending on your parent, do the following.

1. Zeus Your dad is the lord of the sky! Your dad's number 1, so you have to prove you are too! Challenge someone to a word war and make sure you win!
2. Posiedon Your father is king of the seas! When it comes to water, no one beats you! Write a scene that includes water!
3. Hades Your father is the lord of the underworld! Death and skeletons were your childhood! Write a few hundred words about how your main character(s) would react if someone close to them died.
4. Demeter As a child of the goddess of agriculture, make sure people don't dare underestimate you! Write a scene where your characters are eating something (preferably cereal)
5. Athena Arguably the smartest goddess around! Calculate what 5% of your word count is, and then write that number.
6. Aphrodite Your mom is the goddess of love and beauty! People will flock to you for your love advice! Write about how you think your character would try and flirt!
7. Apollo The god of archery, the sun and way too many other things. Congrats! Go onto your device, hit shuffle and the first song that comes up is how long you have to write 300 words.
8. Ares War! Fighting and violence is what your dad is all about! Write an epic fight scene in 10 minutes or less!
9. Hermes God of merchants and travels, great if you are going on a road trip at some point! Travel the forums and find a quick challenge or prompt to do.
10. Dionysus Not only is he the god of parties and wine, he is the camp director! Lucky you! Write a scene including alcohol and /or a party!
11. Hephaestus God of craftsmanship and fire! Count the amount of technology in the room with you, and multiply that number by 100. Write that many words.

You've settled in, but now  Chiron is saying that Zeus thinks
You stole the lightning bolt! But evidence points to Hades, so you have to head down to LAs Angelos, the nearest door to the underworld You have to leave tomorrow, so today you need to pack, practice and then rest.Write 500 words as fast as you can to train!

You ask your bestfriend to come, and Annabeth volunteers to come with you.  Before you leave, Luke gives you a pair of flying shoes, but they don't fit, so you give them to your bestfriend.Together you set off! The three of you are on a bus heading down, when out of nowhere all 3 furies come after you!
Complete the 3 digit challenge!

You escape them, but end up lost in a forest. In this area, you come across Aunty M's Garden Emporium. You and Annabeth almost fall for it, but your statyr friend suddenly realized that you were in /medusa's lair!
Type for 5 minutes with your eyes closed! Write more than 600 words? Have a can of a bottle of mist!

Oh no, you ran into a HYDRA!
Quick! Do the 50 headed Hydra Challenge!

Ares asks for your help in retrieving his and Aphrodite's stuff from the tunnel of love ride.
15 minute word sprint! In thanks, he gives you all a backpack filled with supplies.

You hitchhike in an animal transportation van, and end up in Las Vegas's Lotus Casino! The place hypnotizes you guys into wanting to stay there and forget everything!
In order to escape you have to write 1000 words in 1 hour!

Leaving the lotus casino, you make it to Los Angelos and head down to the underworld to speak to Hades. Wearing the shoes Luke meant for you, your best friend gets pulled into the pit where Kronos is!!
Write 200 words to save them.

It turns out that he doesn't have the bolt, and thinks you have his helmet of Fear/Invisibility.IT seems he also hads your parent, and says if you give his helme and the boltt back then he will return your parent safely. Then, it turns out
 Ares planted the bolt on you, but you can't let Hades have it. Write 500 words to escape

It turns out Ares is waiting for you! You confront him, challenging him for a fight.
Write 1500 words in an hour. If you don't succeed, do the last 3 challenges again.

You beat him, the furies collect the helm, and you three go up to Olympus and present the bolt to Zeus. Everything seems fine, and you head back to camp for he summer, knowing your parent is safe. On the second last day, Luke wants to talk to you in private, and the two of you  take a walk. Luke reveals his true motives, and leaves you with a poisonous scorpion crawling up your leg!  He leaves, leaving you for dead!
5 minute word sprint to get back to the camp so they can heal you before you die!

You make it to camp, where they give you ambrosia just in time before you die! The next  day is the end of summer, and you leave Camp Half-Blood to return to your parent and start your next school year/life.

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