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Legend of Korra crawl
You can find the link for the crawl here.

Legend of Korra Crawl
Welcome!  This crawl is intermediate level of difficulty.  It is possible to do it all in one go, but it may take a while.  The rules are simple.  Just follow the directions for each part and keep track of your word count!  Let everyone know how you’re doing throughout!
This is set in season one of Legend of Korra, but isn't really cannon compliant.  I used elements of events that happened in season one.


  1. You can re-do any challenge you like if you don’t get the desired result. BUT!! You can only re-do once per challenge!
  2. If you fail a challenge, you have one skip option.

Phase I – Welcome to Republic City!

Welcome to Republic City!  All new arrivals must register with the city council before settling in.  Please grab a number and take a seat; someone will be with you shortly.

Write 400 words while you wait for a representative of Republic City.

A bored looking middle age woman with graying hair calls out your number and you come forward.  She’s wearing neutral browns and greens with a small Earth Kingdom pin attached to her collar.  “Welcome to Republic City,” she drones in a monotone voice, looks at your identification card, scribbles down some information, and then hands you a clipboard with several sheets of paper.  “Fill these out then go to the next waiting area.”

You take the clipboard and begin filling out your name, date of birth, kingdom of origin, and what kind of bender (if any) you are.

Time to figure out what kind of bender you are!  If you already know what you are/want to be, simply follow the challenge set for the bending style.  If you don’t know or want to be surprised, use rolz.org to get a number between 1 & 20.
1, 6, 11, 16 = Airbender
2, 7, 12, 17 = Waterbender
3, 8, 13, 18 = Earthbender
4, 9, 14, 19 = Firebender
5, 10, 15, 20 = Nonbender

Air Nomads were wanderers, but had four air temples, one at each corner of the globe, hidden away atop mountain ranges and islands.  The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom.  They are generally peaceful people until they are called upon to protect their loved ones or way of life. Take as much time as you need, meditate a little if you want, to reach 500 words.

Waterbenders are also generally peaceful.  They strive to live in harmony with nature and the other nations of the world.  The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.  Waterbenders live at the North Pole, South Pole, and in the Foggy Swamp!  Race to get 300 words in 20 minutes!


The Earth Kingdom is the largest and most populated sovereignty in the world.  Residents of the Earth Kingdom adhere to a philosophy of peaceful coexistence and cooperation with the other nations of the world.  Earthbenders use their abilities for defense and industry, and fiercely defend their cities against attacks.  The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong.  They are persistent and enduring. Write 400 words in 25 minutes to prove your strength!


The Fire Nation is the second-largest nation in terms of area.  However its economy is the most powerful in the world.  Its strong industrial sector and extensive technological developments not only enabled the Fire nation to create an extremely powerful military, but also initiated the worldwide modernization and globalization.  The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.  There is a great emphasis on respect and honor, especially toward the nobility and elders.  Claim your honor by writing 250 words in 15 minutes.


Non-benders are people who don’t have any special elemental bending power, but that doesn’t mean they can’t kick ass!  Nonbenders live all over the globe.  Many make up for not having a bending talent by learning other arts.  Some train their bodies to be strong.  Some train with a blade and become master fighters.  Some train at art, acting, engineering, technology, or music.  The truth is there is no limit to what a non-bender can do!  Prove how amazing you are, despite not having a bending talent, by writing 350 words in 25 minutes!

You finish all of the paperwork and hand it in at the next window.  A balding man with a long Fu Manchu mustache and a perpetual smile welcomes you and gives you your new identity card that shows you are a citizen of Republic City.

All settled with the city council, you head out to find a place to live!  There are so many options in Republic City just waiting for you!  However you easily get lost in the sprawling city and it’s getting dark.  As you round a corner, you run into a young man with wavy black hair and a green outfit.  A chirping fire ferret is perched on his head.  “Whoa!  Watch out!  Are you okay?” he asks gripping your shoulders to steady you.

You tell him you’re fine, but that you’re a bit lost.  “New in town, huh?  Well my name is Bolin!  Nice to meet you!  Do you need help?”

You try to tell him that you’re fine, but he laughs and insists on helping you out.  You soon find yourself at the Pro-Bending Arena and led up to a flat at the very top.  “Bolin, you need to stop bringing home strays,” a voice complains as you enter.

“They needed help, Mako!  And I don’t
always bring home strays!” Bolin protests.

Mako only grins and rolls his eyes.  He’s dressed in a white tank top that’s seen better days and a pair of dark tan pants.  He stands at a small stove making dinner.  “Come on then.  I’ve got enough for three.”  He gestures at a small table and Bolin excitedly sets three places.  “So, what’s your story?” Mako asks as he serves a dinner of sticky rice, vegetables, and steamed fish.

Write 400 words as you tell Mako and Bolin how you came to Republic City.  You also learn about the brothers.

“Wow!  Sounds like you’ve had quite a journey getting here!” Bolin comments as he finishes off his rice.  “But you don’t have anywhere to stay!  Oh!  Mako!  Can they stay with us?!  Please!  We’ve got room!”

Mako seems to be making up his mind, but you don’t want to run the risk of him saying no.  You really need a place to stay for the night!

Sprint to the nearest thousand as you convince Mako to let you stay!

“Okay, I guess you can stay until you find a place,” Mako relents.  “But I’m warning you now, don’t complain to me when you wake up from Bolin’s snoring!”

“I do not snore!” Bolin retorts as the fire ferret (introduced as Pabu) chitters indignantly from his shoulder.

Phase II – Meet the Avatar

The next morning you wake up and eagerly make porridge for the brothers as a thank you for letting you stay with them.  You are just about to head out into the city when a young woman wearing Water Tribe garb runs in and starts speaking excitedly.  “GUYS!  You’ll never guess what just happened!”  She goes on to tell about the Equalist rally she’s found out about, and how she wants their help in infiltrating it.  Afterwards, she pauses and seems to finally notice you.  “Oh!  Hi… um, who are you?”

Write 150 words as you introduce yourself.

“Oh!  Nice to meet you!  I’m Korra.”

You hesitate at this.  “Korra?  As in
Avatar Korra?”

Korra smiles widely, “Yeah.  Hey!  Wanna come with tonight?”

“Sure!  I’d love to help!”

“Okay, but first I want to know what you can do!”

You need to show Avatar Korra that you’re capable of helping out!

If you’re an Airbender, write 200 words as you zoom around the room on a ball of air!

If you’re a Waterbender, write 250 words as you skillfully manipulate the water from your glass into fancy shapes!

If you’re an Earthbender, write 150 words as you make two of the rock training discs levitate then soar directly into the training net past Bolin’s defenses!

If you’re a Firebender, write 300 words as you perform the Dancing Dragon!

If you’re a Nonbender, write 200 words as you show her your chi blocking moves!

“Wow!  That’s amazing!” Korra replies after you’re done.  “You’ll be great to have along!”

Later that afternoon, you go with Bolin and Mako to meet Korra in an alley behind a warehouse.  Another young woman with long dark curls and dressed in red is already there with her.  She introduces herself as Asami.  Together, the five of you sneak into the warehouse and blend in with the rest of the crowd.  Soon a man in a white mask with a red circle on the forehead steps out onto the stage.  He introduces himself as Amon and starts to speak.

Do a
15 minute word war as you listen to Amon.

“The era of bending is over!  A new era of equality has begun!” Amon finishes his speech to cheers from the crowd.  However your group is feeling distinctly uncomfortable now, even Asami who isn’t a bender.

“I think we should get out of here,” Mako whispers.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.  There’s too many people who could get hurt if we do something,” Korra reluctantly replies.

All five of you turn to leave, but at that moment, nonbenders dressed all in black and wearing masks step in front of you.  “Ah!  Avatar Korra!  Leaving so soon?” Amon asks.  The crowd turns to face your group.  “I’d hate to think it was something I said,” Amon says in a low threatening voice.

Korra starts to berate Amon for his Equalist campaign.  Meanwhile, Asami leans close and whispers that as soon as she counts to three everyone should act as one to start fighting the guards in order to get out.  “1…. 2…. 3!!” Asami shouts the last number and all of a sudden all five of you are in motion, wielding your own defenses to clear a path to the door!

Listen to this
60 minutes of Epic Music as you battle your way through the guards!

It takes a while, and everyone is bruised and battered, but eventually all five of you get away in one piece.  You make it back to the Pro-Bending Arena out of breath and ready to keel over.  “That didn’t go as planned,” Korra comments.

“You think?” Asami growls.  “Just what did you expect to happen?”

“Hey!  I just wanted to know what was going on!” Korra fires back.

“Well we barely escaped no thanks to you!”

“I pulled my weight!  And we
did escape if you’ll notice!”

“Hey!  Break it up!” Mako steps between the two women.  “It’s no one’s fault!  I have no idea how Amon found out we were there, but it is no one’s fault!”

“We should just leave this to the police,” Asami says as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Yeah, like the police have done much good so far,” Korra replies.

“Hey!  Knock it off!  Both of you!” Mako growls.  “I think everyone should head home.  We can re-group tomorrow and discuss what we should do.”

Everyone grudgingly agrees and the flat clears out.  “That was tense,” Bolin comments.  Pabu agrees with a small squeak from his shoulder.

All three of you agree that it’s probably best if you get some sleep and rest up before tomorrow.

Do a
1k sprint as you try to settle down from the evenings’ excitement.

Phase III – Trouble!

You wake up early the next morning determined to prove yourself.  Maybe, if you can figure out Amon’s plan you can prove your worth to the group!  Quietly, you head out of the flat and down to the pre-dawn still streets of Republic City.

Do a
15 minute word war while you make your way back to the warehouse.

Once you reach the warehouse, you discover that it’s deserted.  The posters from last night are all gone, and there isn’t even a stray leaflet on the ground.  You are looking around the warehouse, remembering what happened last night, when you feel a tap on your shoulder.  You whirl around in surprise ready to strike out, but stop when you see Bolin.  “AHH!  Don’t shoot!!” he shouts as Pabu scurries behind him.

“What are you doing here?!” you ask still breathing hard.

“Following you!” he replies.  “Wait!  It’s not what it sounds like…. Okay yeah it is.” He shrugs.  “I was worried when I saw you leave this morning.”

“So you followed me?  I might have just been going to find my own place?  Or job hunting?”

Bolin pointed accusingly.  “But you didn’t!”

You sigh and roll your eyes.  “Okay, fine.  I came out looking for clues about what Amon is planning.”

“By yourself?” Pabu chitters at you too as though asking the same question.

You look down at your feet as you answer.  “I wanted to prove myself to you guys.”

“What?!” Bolin’s eyes grow wide.  “You did that last night!  We probably woulda never made out without you!”

“Thanks, Bolin,” you smile at him.  “Right, let’s get down to business!  Time to search for clues!”

Sprint to the nearest thousand while you search for clues.

Finally you find a homeless man near the warehouse who, for a few coins, remembers seeing Amon and his followers head west.  You thank him and take to the streets again with Bolin.  The only thing west of the warehouses are the docks, so Amon must be hiding there!

Sprint to 500 words while you race to the docks with Bolin and Pabu!

You finally reach the docks and find some dock workers talking about Amon.  The three of you follow the dock workers to another warehouse marked with Earth Nation symbols.  Quietly, you slip through the door and hide behind some crates.  In the back of the warehouse is Amon surrounded by guards dressed all in black.  They seem to be talking about an event that will be happening later today.  “No one will suspect anything other than Fire Nation Nationalists,” one of the guards assures Amon.

“Good, we wouldn’t want this to come back on my followers.”

Bolin nudges you and points toward the door, indicating that he wants to get out of there.  You shake your head and hold up a finger for just one more minute.  Pabu is already by the door.

“So nice of you to join us,” Amon says a little louder.  “I hope you’ve found some interesting information.”  He turns to look directly at where you and Bolin are hiding.

You move to run, but there are guards behind you.  Both you and Bolin strike out at the guards, but they use chi blocking moves against you and you both fall limp.  “Unfortunately,” Amon is suddenly closer, standing over you now.  “You won’t be able to go back and tell your friend, the Avatar.”

“What?!  Us? Know the Avatar?” Bolin tries to play dumb.

Amon crouches down near you.  “I’m not stupid.  I remember you from the Equalist rally last night.”  He stands up and makes a motion for his guards to gather you and Bolin up.  “I’m sure the Avatar would never leave her friends in the hands of the Equalists.  She will come for you, and she will fail.”

The guards tie your hands and feet together before throwing you and Bolin on the floor in the middle of the warehouse.  A few other guards carefully set down a crate nearby.  There’s a faint ticking coming from inside.  They leave quickly afterwards.  As he is leaving, Amon turns back towards you.  “I hope for your sake Avatar Korra arrives before the
Fire Nation Nationalists destroy this warehouse,” he uses air quotes as he says Fire Nation Nationalists.

Try to complete the
Fifty Headed Hydra challenge while you think of an escape plan!  If you fail, write another 200 words.

“Pabu!” Bolin shouts as the fire ferret comes bounding over to you.  Mako, Asami, and Korra come rushing in after the small red animal.  They quickly set to work untying you and Bolin.

“Mako!  We have to get out of here!” Bolin shouts as the last of the rope slides from his ankles.  “There’s a bomb!”

Mako, Asami, and Korra all glance at the ticking crate, suddenly realizing what it was.  Pabu is in the lead as everyone scrambles to get out.  “COME ON!” Bolin grabs his brother’s scarf forcing him to follow while you push at Asami and Korra.

You barely make it fifty feet before the warehouse goes up in flames with a loud explosion.  The force of the explosion push all of you to the ground leaving you breathless as flaming debris lands around you.  Bruised and scratched, you rise and look back at the demolished warehouse.  Dock workers come rushing over to put out the fire, and in a few short minutes the Republic City Police are there.

Do the
Three Digit Challenge while you explain to Police Chief Lin Beifong what happened.

Once all is said and done, you gather with Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Korra on the dock out of the way.  “Amon got away,” Korra grumbled.

“Yeah, but at least we’re all alive,” you say.

“Yeah, we’ll get him next time!” Bolin chimes in.

“And at least his plan to blame the Fire Nation for the explosion didn’t work,” Asami points out.

Korra’s frown lessens and she nods.  “At least everyone is okay,” she says quietly.  Her face lightens considerably then and she smiles at all of you.  “Come on, Pema is making noodle bowls tonight.”

“YES!  NOODLES!” Bolin fist-pumps and Pabu chitters happily.

You follow your friends as Korra leads you back towards Air Temple Island

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