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Avatar: The Last Word Crawl Adventure
Here is the link for the crawl as a google doc.

Episode 1: Boy In the Iceberg.
100 years ago the airbenders disappeared, and, rumor has it, the avatar—an airbender – was killed with them. Except, he never came back. For 100 years the war has been happening. For 100 years, the world’s been on the verge of breaking a part.
But you have a feeling, a feeling that soon it will change for the better.
Write for the duration of the opening theme to get yourself started.

Heart Points:
Katara: Win Heartpoints with Katara to skip waterbending challenges. This can eventually lead to a romance or deep friendship.
Sokka: Win Heartpoints with Sokka to skip Nonbending –or season 1 Earth bending-  challenges. This can eventually lead to a romance or deep friendship.
Aang: Win Heartpoints with Aang to skip any punishments (anything you have to do for failing a challenge). This can eventually lead to a romance or deep friendship.
Zuko: Win Heartpoints with Zuko to skip any Firebending challenges. This can eventually lead to a romance or deep friendship.
What do you bend?
Water: Dutiful, loyal, write 300 words without a break
Fire: Emotional, passionate, sprint 700 in under 10 minutes.
Earth: Stubborn, hopeful, pound your way to the nearest 1000
Nonbender: (From Water, Earth, or Fire) Your disadvantage is no disability, in fact you’re more able for how much harder you’ve had to work. Sprint for a steady 15 minutes.

Earth or Firebender -or- Nonbender not from Water Tribe:
You grew up in the Northern Water Tribe, but you shouldn’t have had to. No one will tell you how you came to be here. You have a feeling some of the older people know and refuse to tell you. Your best friends, Sokka and Katara, live here with their grandmother and sometimes…the way she looks at you…you have a right to know, but she’ll never say. (If Nonbender you don't know which other culture you come from.)
Earth or Nonbender: Roll a dice and write 10 times the amount shown to overcompensate the loss of your culture.
Fire: Write for 15 minutes as you try to rebuild yet another ice structure you accidentally melted.
Waterbender or Nonbender:
You grew up in the Northern Water Tribe, away from the action of the world. It feels like so long ago that your parents went off to the war and didn’t take you with them. You help your best friends, Sokka and Katara, to take care of the smaller children since the elders who were simply too old to fight need all the help they can get.
Waterbender: Sprint 300 words for your endless struggle to teach yourself waterbending.
Nonbender:  Do a Carrot and stick challenge because you’ve had to teach yourself to be practical.

Sokka and Katara are going out in one of the only canoes to go fishing and they invite you to go along with them. While in the boat, Sokka is going on about what a manly warrior he is while Katara is only half-heartedly listening. You listen to the two of them bickering for a while and then catch Katara actually managing to waterbend.

Waterbender: Excited, you try to do it, too.
Flip a coin:
Heads: <You did it! You helped waterbend! Write 100 words with Katara while you two struggle to keep holding up the water.>
Tails: <You just couldn’t get the water up, it barely budged. Write to the nearest 1000 as you try to stifle your disappointment.>

Nonbender or Other benders: Sprint for 10 minutes while you watch Katara in awe.


The grip on the water finally falls when Sokka hits it with his spear, by accident, and you and Sokka are both soaked from head to toe.

“Why is it that every time you play with magic water, I get soaked?” He scolds.

“It’s not magic!” Katara responds, “It’s waterbending!”

Waterbenders: Sprint for another five minutes for your waterbending pride—you and Katara deserve some credit.

Nonbenders or Other benders: You get it but you don’t. Since you were soaked too, you secretly side with Sokka on this one. Try to write at least 1% of your word count in 30 minutes while you wring out your wet hair.

Suddenly, the water picks up and the canoe is out of control! It barely misses all the ice as Sokka tries to safely steer. Katara cries for him to go left but Sokka doesn’t go left. The Canoe crashes on a slab of ice and the three of you are stranded on it.

Angrily—Katara yells at Sokka, “You call that left!?”

Sokka, though, isn’t having it. Instead, telling her that she should have waterbended you all out. And of course, he has to add a jab that she screwed things up because she’s a girl.

Taking Sides:
Win 4 Heart Points with Sokka: “Katara, you probably could have at least tried to waterbend us out. Sokka was trying to help us, what were you doing?”

Win 4 Heart Points with Katara: “If you’d just listened to her we wouldn’t have crashed! Besides, you don’t like waterbending remember? And her being a girl has nothing to do with it!”

Do a Three Digit Challenge because one of your best friends is mad at you for taking the other one’s side.

Katara is m. a. d. she becomes so angry she’s waterbending without even realizing it. Her actions cause a great big iceberg to rise up from the depths. It’s not shaped like any you’ve ever seen before, it doesn’t look natural at all. Then, something amazing, you think you see someone trapped inside of it?? Even more amazing is you think you see his eyes open!

You’re not the only one, though!

Katara grabs Sokka’s club and goes to town on the iceberg.

Katara's Side: Sprint for five minutes to help her break the iceberg.
Sokka's Side: Write 100 words if you’re standing by with Sokka and watching her do something crazy.

The iceberg breaks open and a light shoots out and pierces the sky like a signal.

Suddenly, a boy climbs out of the broken iceberg. A boy with weird tattoos.

He seems out of it because he falls and slides down. Katara catches him. He doesn’t seem to realize he was just in an iceberg, instead more concerned with Katara penguin-sledding with him.

Sokka is distrusting, though.

But all of this is neither here nor there because this stranger has an air bison – creatures thought to be extinct—and when he sneezes he flies ten feet in the air!

HE’S AN AIRBENDER! You realize at the same time as Katara. But weren’t they all killed??

His name is Aang and you immediately dare to hope something. Is he…? No. He couldn’t be.

Aang offers you a ride:
Try to hit 500 in 10 minutes.
Fail: You’re afraid of flying. Sprint an additional ten minutes because it’s the only way you can get home, right now.
Succeed: You’re already at peace with the animal, climbing up immediately. You’re even a little excited! Win 4 heart points with Aang.

Well. That was anticlimactic. Appa, the air bison, jumps up in the air….aannnnddd lands in the water.

Sokka, ever sarcastic, has to make a quip. But Katara is more serious—ready to get to the point.

Does Aang know what happened to the Avatar?

You wait for Aang to admit he is the avatar…but he doesn’t.

Write for 5 minutes because you wanted it, just once, to be true.

Back at the Northern Water Tribe, you and Katara introduce Aang to everyone. Everyone immediately takes to him, except Sokka who is still not sure about him.

Waterbender: You and Katara help Aang build snowmen. Write for the duration of this song.
Firebender: You and Aang accidentally melt a couple of Sokkas watchtowers—oops. Write to the nearest 1000 because you need to help Sokka rebuild what you—once again – destroyed.
Earthbender: With no earth to bend here, you’re practically a nonbender. But having an Airbender around again gives you hope, hope enough to actually…goof off. Sprint 200 words while you play on the back of Appa.
Nonbender: You’re with Sokka on this one. There’s no time for playing around while there’s a war going on! Sprint 1000 words because you’re trying to be focused.

Katara, Aang, and you go Penguinsledding.

Waterbender: Aang agrees to help you and Katara with waterbending…but there’s just one problem…he’s an airbender. Write for five minutes because you have hope anyway
Firebender: The penguins are more afraid of you, probably sensing the element you bend…or having observed the many, many times you’ve accidentally melted landscapes here. Do a fifty-headed hydra while you struggle to get a penguin to come to you.
Succeed: Win 4 heartpoints with Aang
Fail: You become enraged and shoot fire out of you without even thinking about it, making the penguins really scared. Sprint ten more minutes because you feel like a monster. Aang and Katara comfort you decide to use a makeshift sled instead even though it’s not nearly as fast. 
Earthbender and Nonbender: You climb aboard a penguin and go zipping down the snowy banks. 200 words in 7 minutes don’t make any typoes.
Succeed: Your penguin goes so fast you beat Katara and Aang to the end. Write for ten minutes at your own pace – or - take a much-needed writing break for ten minutes. You’ve earned it.
Fail: You have to go faster! Sprint an additional 100 words.

You all three stop at the forbidden Fire Nation ship. Forbidden because no one is allowed to even go near it, let alone on it.

Waterbender: It’s a dark memory for the Northern Water Tribe and a reminder that the world is, in fact, at war. Participate in a 5-minute word war as you mourn happier times.
Firebender: It’s just a reminder to you that your people are the villains here. Somehow…you are the villain here. In your anger, you rush forward and decide to throw a fireball out. You’re not exactly the best firebender though, and the one time you do want to do it, it’s a dismal little spark. Go for 700 words because you feel tainted by association.
Earthbender: It’s a hard thing for you to see, too. But you know you’re not the real victim here. You place your hand on Katara’s shoulder to silently comfort her. Write for five minutes on your own because friendship is great.
Nonbender from Water Tribe: You may not be a waterbender, but you know you still fell victim somehow. If it weren’t for the war, your parents would be here. If it weren’t for the war, you wouldn’t be such a stiff. You want to turn back but Aang doesn’t want to. Do another Carrot and Stick challenge
Nonbender from Other: You don’t feel any personal loss from that ship, but you still empathize. And deep down you start to wonder if maybe you come from the Fire Nation....but you’re practical. Practically speaking that ship is dangerous. You try to tell them not to go on it, but Aang convinces Katara. Frustrated, you go after them. 11-minute sprint as you go somewhere you know you’re not meant to be.

As you explore the ship with Katara and Aang, you and Katara both realize....Aang doesn't seem to know about the war...and...that means he must have been in that iceberg for 100 years.

Write 100 words for the 100 years you just dumped on his shoulders.

It must be a heavier weight than he's letting on. Katara tries to help him see a bright side as if there is one...and he says at least he got to meet her. You sense maybe there's an infatuation going on, but before you can give them privacy they can move on.

Everything seems safe...until you all spring a booby trap. A flare is sent into the air and it's time to leave.

Aang is light on his feet, carrying Katara in his arms and flying around. Unfortunately, he can't carry you both, so you do your best to follow:

Sprint for a time limit or to a word count of your choosing as you try to keep up in your own way.

You arrive at the village shortly after Aang and Katara do-- unaware of what trouble the three of you have just led to your shores.

Take yourself a little break, now, if you wish.

Episode 2: The Avatar Returns

Water, Earth, Fire, Air...

As you race back to the village, you sprint 100 words to match your pace. When you arrive there, finally, you're a little late to the scene.

"I knew it!" Yelled Sokka to Aang, who currently is buried under a mountain of children, "You signalled the fire nation with that flare!"

Sokka seems angry and you realize that he's still on that 'Aang is a part of the Fire Nation' thing.

"He didn't do anything!" Katara yells back, "It was an accident!"

Aang defends himself, mentioning the booby trap on the ship.
Waterbender or Nonbender (water):
Win 4 heartpoints with Sokka: Maybe Sokka is right, you realize, it does seem to add up. Aang twice has sent a flare of some kind into the sky. You cross over to his side, standing opposite Katara and Aang to visually show your support of your people against his. Join in a word war because you are at conflict.
Win 4 heartpoints with Katara:  You immediately back up Katara, even going so far as to step in front of her and Aang and face Sokka head on. "You're wrong, Sokka." You explain, firm but kind, "Aang is our friend. Don't you see that?" Sprint for ten minutes because Sokka, as usual, doesn't see.

Win a heartpoint with Sokka: What can you say? The Firenation is the enemy. You've seen enough of how your people behave to know that they're unbelievably ruthless. It would be just like them to have, somehow, some way, produced an Airbender to use against the hopes of the people. You try to forget your association with them, with the enemy, but you can't. As you move to Sokka's side, Sprint to the duration of this song
Win a heartpoint with Katara: The Firenation may be ruthless, but what reason would they have to come here? "Sokka, don't you see?Aang has been a blessing to us, not a curse. Fire only deals in curses." Ever-devoted to forgetting who you are, you stand by your true family and try to shut out the truth by speed-writing as many words as you can in five minutes.

Earthbender or Nonbender:
Win 4 heartpoints with Sokka: "Katara. Sokka is right." You say, turning to her, "We have to see the truth for what it is." You march on over to Sokka, trying to kill that inkling of a notion that you are betraying a friend. A hope that swells inside refuses to die down, even as you turn your back on it. Write 500 words to try and squash all that hope in favor of being an adult.
Win 4 heartpoints with Katara: "Sokka, I pride myself on being practical but even I can see you're grasping at straws." You declare, crossing your arms and standing firmly at the sides of Aang and Katara, "Please be reasonable." Do a three-digit challenge to represent the three of you.

Once Aang lets it slip that the booby trap was on the ship, Gran Gran is quick to scold both you and Katara, regardless of whose side you are on now, because you both knew going on it was forbidden. Aang, though, takes the blame on himself.

"Aha! The traitor confesses!" Sokka says. Then, in a maybe not-so-shocking turn of events, he banishes Aang from the village.

Sokka's side:

"Fine!" yells Katara, "If Aang is banished, I'm banished, too!"

You take a step forward, trying to stop her. But Sokka speaks up, "Katara, would you really choose him over your tribe?"

She stops. And Aang tells her he doesn't want to come between them. Electing, on his own, to leave her behind. Watching him go, you're compelled to take out your seal skin leather journal and write out your sorrows in a fifty headed hydra because...you realize that maybe...just maybe...you were wrong.
Katara's side:

"And so am I", you say, clenching your fists at your side and staring Sokka dead in the eyes. With that, you spin on your heel and march after them.

"Aang is taking us to the North Pole!" Katara announces, on the verge of tears.

"Katara, <Your Name>, would you really choose him over your tribe?"
(Choose an answer -- Katara's Side: )

Yes: Katara stops but you don't. Not until you're already at the Bison's side, ready to climb on again, and you realize that Katara has stopped. Aang steps up to both of you, "I don't want to come between you and your family." Sprint 350 words to show your determination.
No: Sokka wasn't right before, but he's right now. And you and Katara both know it. This is your tribe. This is your family. Sensing the conflict inside of you, Aang says, "I don't want to come between you and your family." Write to the nearest hundred because you're too devoted to your family to leave.

Yes: Tears sting your eyes. You'd never realized how accepted you were, that you were considered a part of the tribe and not just the ugly-duckling outsider. Still, it doesn't change anything. Because...well because what's right is right and Sokka is wrong. But then Aang must see the tears because he says to both of you, "I don't want to come between you and your family." Write for five minutes because it just hits home even harder when Aang refers to them as your family.
No: That might be the first time Sokka has ever actually called you a part of the tribe. Had he meant it? You back away on your own, unable to leave them, now. Participate in a Carrot and Stick challenge (heavy on the Carrot) as you swell with joy.

So, there it is, you say to yourself as you watch Aang flying away.

"You happy now!?" Katara shouts, "There goes [my/our] one chance at becoming [a] waterbender[s]!"
"READY OUR DEFENSES!" Sokka rallies the miniature troops, "The fire nation could be on our shores at any minute!"
AND NO POTTY BREAKS!  Prepare for battle by completing a fifty headed hydra

Warpaint on, weapons at the ready, You and Sokka are both ready to face the Fire Nation, standing atop his trusty watchtower. And it's a good thing, too, because just as he predicted here comes a Fire Nation ship. As the ship looms closer, Sokka refuses to move, steadfastly facing it down with a club at the ready.

"Sokka get out of the way!" Cries Katara. The ship opens, crushing the tower with you and Sokka on it. 

At least 4 heartpoints with Sokka: Sokka, who doesn't fall manages to catch you, too, before you're buried in the snow.
Otherwise: You lose your footing, buried in the snow, and end up looking vaguely ridiculous in front of the enemy soldiers. Sprint five minutes as you try to regain any intimidating composure.

Out steps, Prince Zuko, banished prince of the Firenation, as well as a group of Fire Nation soldiers. They march, entitled, onto the South Pole territory. You stand next to Sokka, ready to face them off, even as you're outnumbered. Prince Zuko leers, unemotionally, at the pathetic group called a tribe in front of him.

"Where are you hiding him? He'd be about this age, master of all four elements?!" Zuko asks, grabbing ahold of Gran Gran, "I know you're hiding him!"

Angrily, Sokka and you rush into battle!

"Show no fear!" You hear a fellow warrior cheer.

Firebender: So, here you are, face to face with the prince of your people. It's time to show him who you really belong to. Roll two 6 sided dice multiply the higher number by 100. That is how much Zuko types in fifteen minutes. Beat that word count in a fifteen-minute sprint to beat him in a word-war.
<Succeed:> Congratulations! You stood your own against Zuko, against all the odds, and you even impressed him a little bit. Win 4 heartpoints with Zuko!
<Fail:> I guess you couldn't have expected to defeat him. He's had a lifetime of training and you've had a lifetime of trials. Still, you tried, and you made your mark against him. Sprint an additional 100 words to cement, once and for all, that you belong here.
Waterbender: Your people are outnumbered and outmatched but you still have pride for your heritage. As Sokka begins to battle, you start using what dismal skills you have against him. Flip a coin
<Heads:> You manage to lift up a whole heap of snow and knock some of the Firebenders on their feet even making Zuko have to jump out of the way. Win 4 heartpoints with Katara. Write 100 words to celebrate your success.
<Tails>  Congratulations. You just threw out a series of elaborate gestures and all you did was lift a pebble of snow off of the ground. A little embarrassed. Sprint to 300 as you try again.

Everyone else: Spear in hand, you both charge Zuko, ready to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, you were both way overestimating yourselves and way underestimating him. In a fluid motion, he breaks both of your weapons. Sprint fifteen minutes because of your humiliation.
Fortunately, Sokka's trusty boomerang comes to whack him in the head. As you both lay on the ground, you sprint to 100 and wait to see what he's going to do.

8 heartpoints with Sokka: Place your hand over Sokka's to console him in this dire moment. The gesture is deeply appreciated and he grants you the ability to knock five minutes off of \sprint or anyone sprint of your choosing.

In a flurry of snow, Zuko is knocked off of his feet and sent headfirst into the snow. His rear is in the air, topped with his helmet. Aang has returned!!!!

You and Sokka watch as Aang faces off with Zuko!

"You're just a child!" Zuko says almost accusingly to Aang.

"Well, you're just a teenager." Aang rebuttals.

Write for five minutes because you're all too young for this war.

"If I go with you, will you promise to leave everyone alone?"

Zuko nods and you watch as he escorts Aang....master of all four elements...the avatar....aboard the Fire Nation vessel.

Everything seems dismal and grey. Arguably, being that your entire home is made of snow, it's always been a bit colourless but in this case, there's a sort of gloom that's taken over. As the entire tribe immediately goes to work trying to fix the damage, Katara has something else in mind.

Standing at the edge of the island, looking out at the water, she begins to preach at you and Sokka.

"We have to go after that ship. Aang saved our tribe. Now we have to save him!"

Heedless to the times Sokka tries to interrupt, Katara continues her speech, until at last Sokka gets her attention and presents to her-- the canoe which which to chase the Fire Nation ship!

The three of you are prepared to board, when Gran Gran comes....giving her blessing for you all to go with Aang and save the world.

You leave Sokka and Katara to hug it out with  her but you're quickly pulled into a hug, too.

With words of wisdom for all three of you.

To Katara, "It's been so long since I've had hope, but you brought it back to life, my little waterbender."

To Sokka, "And you, my brave warrior, be nice to your sister."

And finally, to you:

Firebender: "Remember, my little hot head, you are who you choose to be. Be true to yourself." Write for ten minutes at your own pace to remain true to yourself.

Waterbender: "You and Katara are destined for great things, I count myself blessed to have had you in my life and Katara and Sokka blessed to have you to depend on." Sprint to 300 to show your devotion to your friends.

Earthbender: "You will come to see that your people are strong and hopeful, never lose sight of that my loved one." Sprint 1% of your wordcount to show your excitement at the prospect of seeing the world.

Nonbender/Water: "You and Sokka are my two great warriors, always ready to defend. I know I can depend on you to keep your family safe." Write for 30 minutes as you pledge to protect your family.

Nonbender: "As you see more of the world, you will one day find where you belong, but don't forget you come from a place of love and you will always have a place to belong here." Gran Gran's words sink in. Maybe you'll find your place. Write for an hour no wc goal as you mull this over.

"Now your destinies are intertwined with his," Gran Gran says, finishing off her farewell.

It's time to get into the canoe and go after Aang...but Katara has a better idea.....

"Go...fly...soar..." Sokka boredly drulls from atop Appa's saddle. You sit next to him as the sluggish beast wades through the water.

"Please, Appa. We need your help. Aang needs your help." Pleads with it.

"Up...ascend....elevate..." Sokka continues, pulling out his complete knowledge of the thesaurus's entry on 'fly'. Silently, you also try figure it out. Aang kept saying some nonsense word whenever he tried to make Appa fly...but what was it??

"Sokka doesn't believe you can fly but I do Appa! Come on, don't you want to save Aang?"

Write over 200 in five minutes as you try to remember.
>200: Eureka! You remember! "YIP YIP!" You call out! Win 4 heartpoints with Aang and hold on tight as Appa launches into the air!!
<200 You're just on the brink of it...Up Up, maybe? Sprint an additional five minutes while you think it over, barely hearing Sokka anymore. You miss it when he gets it right, "Yip Yip?" but definitely notice when the giant beast takes off into the air.

"YOU DID IT!" Katara exclaims.

"HE'S FLYING! HE'S FLYING! KATARA HE'S--" Sokka excitedly praises, until he catches the smug smirk on Katara's face. "I mean big deal he's flying."

Flip a coin if you don't remember results from episode one:
<Heads/Afraid of flying>: You brace yourself, clinging tightly to the saddle and pulling yourself close, close, close against it. As nifty as it is to be in the air, you're deathly afraid of falling off, especially with nothing to secure you and the beast moving so much. Sprint five minutes as you try to keep yourself from hurling your lunch over the side and at the same time try to keep from looking down.
<Tails/Comfortable with flying>: Finally! Finally the sensation of flying! Much better than any dream you've ever had! Write 250 words as you gleefully take in all of the sights!!!

You arrive just in time to see Aang being knocked over the edge of the boat! He falls into the water!

"AANG! NOOO!" Katara cries desperately. "AANG! AANG! AANG!"

Regardless of how you feel about flying, you're ready to jump off of the bison and dive in after him!

You're getting up when Sokka catches you to keep you back.

Just then, Aang lifts up on a column of water, glowing brightly. With all the skills of a hundred masters, he effortlessly disables the soldiers. Write five minutes as you stare in awe of what you're seeing.

Appa lands on the deck and Katara rushes to Aang's side. The glowing stops, and a few soldiers-- who have come to -- rush at Katara and you.

Waterbenders: You and Katara try your best to incapacitate them. Sprint 300 in five minutes.
Succeed: You actually steer the water correctly. Katara accidentally freezes Sokka's feet to the deck, but you manage to freeze the guards. Take yourself a five minute writing break.
Fail: OOPS!!! As Katara freezes the guards, you accidentally steer the water the wrong way, freezing Sokka's feet to the deck, "<YOUR NAME!>" he scolds. Now you have to write for an additional 3 minutes as you help him break apart the ice.
Firebenders: It's time to really show what you've got. You against them. Even though it was waterbending, you try to imitate the motions Aang did summoning fire into your fists. Write to the next 1000 in under 30 minutes.
Succeed: So the motions weren't exactly firebending forms but in your determination you send a whole arch of fire in front of you. The fire breaks against them, knocking them back. Take a five minute writing break for all the strength you had to summon for that one.
Fail: In front of them, you barely produce a spark. Uncertain what you did wrong, you pick up the nearest object and hurl it at them. Ironically, it is the object that catches on fire, hitting one of them in the head in a fiery explosion. He is knocked back, but you still have two to go. Sprint an additional 15 minutes to try again.

The four of you take off away from the ship. One last fireball is launched against you but Aang makes quick work of it, knocking it into the side of a glacier and burying the fire nation ship in ice.

As you all fly off into the sunset, you all have a heart to heart with Aang. Promising to be by his side as he trains to become a waterbender, and then eventually master the next three elements.

But first, he has serious business to attend to!

Pick the important business that's most urgent to you:
Knocking firebender heads along the way: Join a word war of any duration as you imagine the firebender heads you'll get to knock.
Riding hopping llamas: Do a carrot and stick challenge. Because if you dangle a carrot on a stick, it might be easier to lure the llama to you.
Surfing on the backs of giant koi fish: Speed write for five minutes as you imagine how fast the giant koi fish will move.
Riding Hogmonkeys, they don't like people riding them but that's what makes it fun: Beat your wordcount from your last sprint/war because of how difficult it can be to stay on a Hogmonkey.

Take a break for an hour as you just enjoy the view on the way to your next destination. 

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