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Weekly Writer’s Check-In - Dec 17, 2017: Style Changes
With a new year almost upon us, I thought we might talk about style changes! This is a good time to look back at your works over the year (and further back!) to see where you’ve made improvements in style and your overall voice. You can also reflect back on things you didn’t particularly like and hopefully see a way of changing them to something you like better. (I definitely have had my fair share of that this year, but skipped over the fixing part for the sake of moving on. XD)

I know that my writing has changed a lot over this year alone! What I was doing in April, I really liked, but it had changed, slightly, by July. What I was doing in July, I liked too, but then it changed rather dramatically by November! I’m writing in a way that I really enjoy right now, and I hope I can keep this style going, but I know it will still change and evolve, just hopefully for the better!

For this week, if you're up for it, share a small snippet of something you've written that you don't really like, and then try rewriting it!

Or, just share something that you really, really like!

Here's mine. =D

OLD: But excitement, at last, as he left his two dumbfounded and irritated would-be lays, coming to take Souji’s outreached hand. Being caught sent sparks through his veins and finally, a throb of arousal as he turned and left the alleyway, Hijikata-san’s strong fingers around the back of his neck, forcing him to keep moving forward.

NEW: Excitement, excitement at last as he left to take a soft, outreached hand, a shuddering gasp from Souji as they came together. Soft, cold fingers warmed in his grasp as he was led away, and a rough, callused palm at his neck forced him to keep moving forward.

I do hope your writing is treating you well this week!!!
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