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ADMIN ANNOUNCEMENT // Introducing SMASHpoints! The Year-Round Points System!
It's time to dole out some gold effin' star stickers, everyone! With the success of Camp SMASH, and thanks to the feedback that we got from the survey, we're excited to announce that the "merit points" system is going to be sticking around all year, now known as SMASHpoints! That's right! 24/7/365! All the points all the time! 100yearspointsforever.com!

We'll be rolling out a brand new spiffy system, similar to what we used during Camp, but EVEN MORE AUTOMATED! Claire, our resident genius, deserving of all the praise and then some (and a raise, but thankfully she does this stuff pro-bono for the love of SMASH), has created a new spreadsheet system on google docs that is 98% fully automated. The other 2% depends on not only the SMASHstaff, but you as SMASHers! Everyone will be in charge of updating their individual daily wordcounts (if you want to keep track), and tagging their SMASHpoints (still using the #MP tag — we're sentimental okay) in the #SMASHwriting channel. The points from the previous day will be updated every morning by the SMASHstaff. It’s all that easy!!

Every month we will have a new spreadsheet ready for you to update with your daily word count. During Camp, we asked for your overall total at the end of the day, but since goals will be much more relaxed and possibly non-existent for some SMASHers throughout the year, we wanted to give you a place where you could simply see how much you've written during the month. You do not have to participate in updating your word count to earn SMASHpoints, but we'd hope you'd want to keep track of your accomplishments, and so we want to give you a place to do so! ALL SMASHers have permission to edit the monthly spreadsheet, so please be courteous and responsible. If problems arise, we will be locking the document and asking for emails to give access.

The following is the link to the gdocs spreadsheet:

Now, is there any purpose to SMASHpoints, we hear you asking? Nope! They're entirely arbitrary! If we could afford monthly prizes, believe us, we would spoil the lot of you. That said, we're going to be trying to think of easy (read: free) 'prizes' that can be rewarded at the end of every month. We found, along with many of you, that having the points system was something that motivated us to write and participate, despite whether or not we were "winning" or whether there was a prize of any sort to strive for. There's something inherently human about wanting to collect 'points' no matter what they are: gold star stickers, coins in video games, the bottled tears of your enemies, even simple tally marks on a piece of paper. It's a visual reminder of all you've done, and if you find support and inspiration in it, then who is anyone to judge?

So here's how SMASHpoints will work:

CAMPbot has been repurposed into SMASHbot, your one-stop-bot for all things writing related on the Discord server! SMASHbot has brand new commands that you can use, and can now recognize #MP tags and log them for us at the end of every day, so that you're not waiting 3+ days for updates anymore (which we apologize for having happened during Camp — we wanted to write, not do math!). To assign SMASHpoints to yourself or someone else, you assign them one person at a time using the following format:

#MP User 9 Reason

#MP = The tag that tells the bot to pay attention.
User = Name of the person receiving the points.
(If possible use the name as it’s formatted on the spreadsheet. Capitalization isn’t necessary, the bot will convert it for you.)
9 = The number of points the person is receiving.
Reason = The reason they are receiving the points.

#MP Riot 3 Making a post on the forum.

*If you make a mistake when reporting points, don’t worry!
Just tag staff and let us know what the correct information
should have been. We can make manual adjustments when
the information gets loaded into the spreadsheet later on.

As with Camp, the tasks you can complete to earn SMASHpoints are still relatively the same (minus the games and events, which we'll be discussing at a later date!). They are listed on the spreadsheet, and SMASHbot will soon have a command to help remind you which tasks earn how many points. We're going to be coming up with more ideas for ways to earn, and would love any suggestions you may have! SMASHpoints can still be rewarded randomly by the SMASHstaff, so participation is definitely key!

We hope all of our SMASHers are as excited as we are to embrace this fun idea, and help set SMASHthegenre apart from other writing groups. As always, our goals and plans are meant to benefit you as members of SMASHthegenre, giving you a community that you can come to to share your work, give advice, and ask questions. This thread will remain open for any questions or suggestions you might have.

♥ the SMASHstaff
writing as writing. writing as rioting. writing as righting. on the best days, all three. - teju cole

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