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Welp, Discord's not working for me.
Is it working for anyone else? I'm getting

Sending messages to this channel has been temporarily disabled. Try again in a bit.

for every channel, and private messages as well.
It looks like the issue has been solved, but I'm gonna reply to this in case something like it happens again.

The Discord Servers were having connection and outage trouble today, and they had to reset Discord as a whole to get things up and running again, and so today's connection was super rocky and a lot of people weren't able to access channels properly until a few hours ago.

When it comes to actual issues with Discord itself, know that we're just as out of the loop as everyone else, but we will try to find ways to keep you guys updated in other ways (a post here, or facebook, etc) so that no one has to worry!

For future reference, if something like this happens again and you can't access Discord, check out http://status.discordapp.com because they know how to word the techno shtuff better than I do.
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