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ADMIN SIGN-UP // #SMASHspotlight
SIGN-UP // #SMASHspotlight

These are the different ways you can sign-up for your turn in the #SMASHspotlight:

 1. By replying to this post, using the sign-up info provided.
 2. Leaving a message in the #SMASHspotlight channel (NOT during someone else's time) asking for a certain date/time and by using the @SMASHstaff role mention to be sure a Mod sees.
 3a. Requesting time in the #SMASHspotlight directly and at the current moment, if:
        a) No one is scheduled at the present time or within the next 2 hours.
        b) There are several different on-going discussions in chat and you would like an uninterrupted space to continue a conversation focused on your or another member's writing.
 3b. A Mod may also offer to set up a session based on these events (which may, fair warning, lead to a coin toss and/or fight to the death).


NAME: forum username AND discord nickname on the #SMASHthegenre server
DATE: please use a specific date (ex: Saturday, October 1st, 2016) as opposed to "next Saturday."
TIME: choose any time that would be easiest for you to be online. unless otherwise specified, everyone immediately gets 2 hours in the spotlight.

SUMMARY: a general idea of what you want to talk about, so that we can better help promote your spotlight, and to help entice members to come talk to you!
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NAME: rioteer // rioteer
DATE: wednesday, october 5th
TIME: idfk whenever i wake up and enough people are around WE'RE LEARNING AS WE GO.

SUMMARY: elle wants me to talk about cirque and civil, poofs wants me to talk about the forgetting boy, claire wants me to talk about nano, i'm gonna talk about trash.
writing as writing. writing as rioting. writing as righting. on the best days, all three. - teju cole
Names: Bayederka/Bayederka <3
Date: Sat April 7th
Time: idk, like two-ish EST? Or whenever people are online.

Summary: I just came up with a story idea like an hour ago and I really want to talk about it.
(04-07-2018, 03:57 PM)JBM4 Wrote: Can someone sign me up. Anytime would be good and most days so I'm having a hard time picking a day and time.

Thanks for showing interest in having a spotlight! We have it set up this way because staff is very busy monitoring the discord on top of their daily chaos, myself included. The most active time of the day users are on is in the evening, so I suggest if you want the best turnout, to select a time in the evening. If your schedule is quite open, you can choose any day and time you like, as we don't currently have any future spotlights lined up right now. So, that being said, please look to the top post in this thread (on page one) and follow the spotlight request format to reserve a time. We look forward to hearing about your project!  Big Grin
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NAME: larissa / larissa
DATE: tuesday 10 april
TIME: ~7pm est? i'm flexible, so whenever people are on.

SUMMARY: gonna talk about my camp project! and possibly one of the newer ideas i've been trying to figure out.
NAME: Riot's Least Favourite Person Right Now
DATE: Saturday, April 14
TIME: 5-ish PM in Riot's timezone

SUMMARY: I... I don't know. I want to talk about my Rurouni Kenshin fics, but we shall see what everyone feels like lol
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NAME: SapphicSpaceAce/ SpaceAce (Bellatrix)
DATE: Friday July 27, 2018
TIME: 10:00 pm est

SUMMARY: About a month and a half ago an anthology called "Pride Park: An Anthology to Support LGBT Freedom" was published on amazon to raise money for the Trevor project. I have a piece in the anthology and would like to promote it and answer any questions anyone might have.
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