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For those of you that frequent the Discord Server, you've hopefully noticed that the fauxRIOT bot has the ability to reply to !spark and !quote commands. We've had a couple members come to us with their own ideas and quotes they think might be interesting to share with the group, and they've all been awesome.

We wanted to make it clear that you guys can come to us with ideas at any time! Thinking up all these little sparks and topics isn't as easy as we try to make it look, and the more ideas, the more we can grow and share and learn and write together! If you want, you can use this thread to share any that you would like to see used, and then we can have a stockpile here to rifle through every now and then, and we may even PM you when we choose one of yours so that you can show up all smiles and pride and share in the prompt or question you created! You can also message the SMASHstaff on Discord or on the forum any time you'd like, and we can add it to the list!

What we're looking for:

SPARK PROMPTS: Sweet and simple prompts that would make for good, short pieces of writing that can be shared in chat as they're written. Prompts that could be written in 250-500 words (initially; if someone wants to take an idea and run with it, that's amazing!!). 
     E.G. Spark Prompts used in the past have been either settings (a city park at night), a line of dialogue ("Well that's unfortunate..."), a single word (taboo), a situation (your character just lost a bet)... etc...

TOPICS: Easy (or not easy~) questions for everyone to answer from their own perspective, generally focused on writing. It can be a question about which POV or tense someone prefers to write in, which famous author they would choose to read their novel, what would your character do if...., what's your favourite book cover, etc... etc... Anything that you might consider an ice-breaker, or even a question you want to ask because you really want to answer it yourself!

QUOTES: Quotes about writing, reading, creativity, positivity, inspiration, robots, anything you feel would be thought-provoking or motivational. Whether it's a quote from another author, a movie, a book, a song lyric, if you feel it's something worth sharing, we'd love to share it too!

This thread will always stay open, and replies to it are always welcome!!
writing as writing. writing as rioting. writing as righting. on the best days, all three. - teju cole
I collected a few from there, here are my favourites -

Minute Companionship Smoke Danger
Zero Reduce Swear Education
Fun Damage Spirit Watch
Appear Upright Advice Grave
Christmas Otherwise Knee Table

Worship Danger Because Pastry
Snake Citizen Pleasant Scientist - “Good day to you, Professssssor, I hope you ssssssslept well.”
Besides Direct Christmas Refuse
Northern Wonder Maybe Realize
Gallon Poet Shame Soup

Nephew Everywhere Fail Skirt
Prompt Restaurant Excellent Jealousy
Spell Why Relative Bring
People Attack Everything Guard
Sacred Visitor Kingdom Pack

Mystery Remark Excessive Music
Prison Caution Escape Daily
Outline Umbrella Almost Baggage
Waiter Desire Former Hatred
Beside Aunt Base Gun

Lunch Reproduce Surround Knowledge
March Rough Actor Suck
Spark Prompt: Every familial unit needs an antagonist. I suppose, I should be grateful that I'm strong enough to be it.
The Baddest B in the game, Krissy. <3
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Spark prompts:

Says what he means and regrets what he says.

"I don't want to hurt you. Don't misconstrue, I won't be sorry if you get hurt - but that isn't my goal right now."

“The emperor has no clothes - but the ones you thought he was wearing are beautiful.”

"Is that question rhetorical? "
"Only if you don't answer it."
"The first thing I want you to know is that I love my husband very much. Possibly even as much as you do."
I got this one two years ago and shared my results in #SMASHwriting. Now you can too!
"The life of a lost/discarded ribbon"
Prompts: "Hey, why don't you _________?"
"I'm a writer. __________."

"I've realized a universal truth today."
(What universal truth have you learned?)
A few spark prompts from my writing that I won't be using:

• “So why did I have to punch that guy?”

• “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?”

"Maybe we should go kick his tent down or something."
"I doubt that would wake him up... but we can still try, if you want."

"The invitation said 'smart-casual.' He stuck out like a sore thumb, for he was neither smart nor casual."

"He's just a naïve, misguided kid."
"That's actually an all-powerful demon lord as old as time itself."

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