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ADMIN ABOUT // the manifesto
here's the thing about SMASH: it's. it's something, that's for sure. a lot of something, really. more than
i think i'll ever know how to explain in a way it deserves. the idea for SMASH has always been there in the
back of my mind somewhere, in some form or another. the need to create. the urge to write. the want to
find like-minded folk and give them a space to share and learn and grow. know each other. write.
think of a coal seam fire just waiting for the right time to set the forest above it alight. think of a
distant hurricane waiting for a butterfly to give it permission to destroy with one beat of its wings.
think of a girl with enough going on in her mind to lose control, and think of the riot she'll begin.
think of a community for writers of any kind and creed. that's what SMASH is. that's what we can turn it into.
that's why i named it SMASHthegenre. throw out the idea that you can only write a certain way, that there are
stories inside of you that don't belong. get rid of the notion that someone who writes horror has nothing of
importance to tell a romance writer about just how scary love can be as a plot device (kill your darlings, babe).
i'm not saying that what i hope to accomplish with SMASH is something monumental or life-altering,
but why shouldn't i be allowed to say i gave it a shot? if SMASH can bring even five people together on a
regular basis to share their passion and give each other advice, then i can at least say i did that much.
[taken from rioteer's profile]

SMASH the manifesto:

     Writing forums, groups, and sites are not a tiny niche market on the internet. You can find them anywhere, and please do. Keep searching, keep reaching out, keep communicating with other writers and never stop. We need each other more than we care to admit, hidden up in our little writing spaces with our laptops and notebooks, a big "DO NOT DISTURB" sign plastered on the door, a trip wire laid out for anyone who dares to come snooping. We still seek each other out, though, don't we. That inherent desire to talk about this passion of ours with others who understand it, others who have been wrapped up in storytelling our whole lives, even others who have only just begun to put their thoughts to paper.

     Writers need writers.

     SMASH is an idea born from that desire. That urge.

     I had a lovely friend once (the magnificent melissa dominic, to be truthful) discuss storytelling genres with me, and it was an eye-opening experience. It came, like most awe-inspiring moments do, on the heels of a crisis. I'd been writing for well over a decade by then, with every intention to continue, and my eyes on that shiny prize: my name on a shelf amongst the greats. Which shelf, was the question that concerned me. Did I have to limit myself? At that time, I liked to write mainstream fiction and science fiction, but I had a fantasy project that I wanted to continue, too. Would I, for the sake of taking writing seriously as a career goal, need to choose one path and stick to it, only to longingly glance back now and then at stories that I had - for lack of a better word - abandoned, to further myself?

     No, she told me. Absolutely not. Never. Those walls that have been put up between storytelling genres? Crash through them. Crash, and smash, and never, ever stop. I took her words, and, like a Wild Thing, I ate them up. She's right, after all. If there is one medium in this world that needs its diversity to always be growing, blending together, shifting and changing and expanding, it's in writing. If you have a story, if you have two stories, if you have fifty or seven thousand, tell them all, and tell them the way you want to. Share and share alike, because writers are readers.

     We will devour any and all words offered to us.

     SMASH is a collective, a group, a community. Whether you write every day, whether you write every few weeks, or whether you save your words for events like NaNoWriMo, you're welcome here. I wanted to create a space here in this endless expanse we call the internet, that writers could find and come together in. There are other groups and forums aplenty for discussing writing, blogs upon blogs upon blogs filled with writing advice, and sites all over made solely for online publishing. So few of these sites actually maintain a community like setting, though; they lack the ability for writers to be interactive with one another on a broad scale. My experience with other sites that focus on writing is that they're not so much give-and-take as they are listen listen listen. And the few forums that I have discovered are silent for large sections of the year, coming to life only around certain events, and then fading away for only the die-hards to stick around.

     What I want for SMASH is a place to be inspired, above all else. A melting pot anthology of different writers in different genres telling each other the stories that keep them up at night, sharing the lives of characters they would die for, helping one another find that one. right. word. that will turn a sentence into a memory. Meaningful connections and discussions, because writers are a lonely bunch and we don't need to be. Not when we have universes inside of us begging to be explored by countless others.

     From humble beginnings, right?

     SMASH is something like that.

writing as writing. writing as rioting. writing as righting. on the best days, all three. - teju cole

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