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  Prince Caspian
Posted by: Caspian_ - 04-30-2018, 11:05 AM - Forum: READY... STEADY... WRITE! - No Replies

Here is the link for the crawl as a google doc. 

“Prince Caspian lived in a great castle with his uncle Miraz, the King of Narnia, and his Aunt Prunaprismia, who had red hair.”  Write 200 words, and introduce a character.

Miraz sends Caspian’s nurse away for telling him stories about Old Narnia, when beasts could talk and four kings and queens ruled. Write to the nearest 500 as she flees to safety.

Caspian’s new tutor has arrived, and begins to instruct him in every subject imaginable. Do a 300 word piece on the history of Narnia (or whatever world you’re writing about.)

After a few days, Dr Cornelius announces that there will be a conjunction of two great planets, and tells Prince Caspian that he will have to get up in the middle of the night to see it.  Roll a die, and write that number times 100 words while Caspian and his tutor climb the numerous steps the the very top of the great tower.

As the conjunction is taking place, Dr Cornelius tells Caspian about Old Narnia, and assures him that the stories are all true.  10 minute word sprint while Dr Cornelius tells Caspian all he can in their short time.  

After a few years, there is a commotion in the castle.  The Queen has had a son!  As the king’s nephew, Caspian is now disposable, and must flee for his life.  Race to the nearest 400 words as Caspian races to stay ahead of Miraz’s men who are out to, er, remove him from the line of succession.

As Caspian flees, he hits his head on a tree branch and falls off his horse.  When he wakes up, he is in the company of Old Narnians.  Write 200 words while Caspian convinces them that he’s not a spy for Miraz.  (Bonus: involve someone persuading someone else.)

After some persuading, the Old Narnians (with the possible  exception of Nikabrik) believe that Prince Caspian is himself, and that he wants to help them.  They take him to meet “the others.” Choose two:

  • Bulgy Bears: Write at your own pace for ten minutes while the bears wake up
  • Pattertwig, the squirrel: Trufflehunter gives him messages to many creatures, so roll a die and write 100 words for each message.
  • Seven Brothers of Shuddering Wood: Write 50 words for each dwarf
  • Glenstorm, the Centaur: He is the first to speak of real war.  Do a five minute word sprint as everyone realizes how serious this might actually be.
  • Reepicheep:  Nothing would suit Reepicheep the Mouse except a fifty-headed hyrda.
Everyone assembles on the Dancing Lawn for a Council of War.  Write cheerfully for 15 minutes while the fauns lead a dance, and then get down to the business to be discussed--war.  For that, write for...WAIT!  The hare interrupts you--he smells someone coming!  

Dr Cornelius has arrived with warning: Miraz knows that Caspian has fled to the Narnians, and they haven’t been careful about hiding.  Write 200 words as he scolds everyone for their carelessness.

The doctor suggests that the all go where the Telmarines won’t want to follow them: to Aslan’s How, inside the forest, and next to the river.  Do a half hour word war while you make the journey.

Miraz’s men find the How more quickly than would be hoped.  Everyone is trapped inside and around.  Write for twenty minutes as they try to figure out what to do.

Deep in the heart of the How, beside a cracked Stone that is said to be magic, Dr Cornelius advises Caspian to sound the horn that was Queen Susan’s, to see if it will bring help, and to send messengers to where that help might come.  Write to the nearest 500 words as you wait for the next sunrise to blow the horn.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (er… England) , Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are at the train station, getting ready to go back to school.  The boys’ train arrives at half past, so write until half past the hour (if it’s right after that now, you may cheat and just write until the hour).

Suddenly, they are pulled away from the train station, into a thick forest.  They find their way through the forest to a beach, and begin to walk along it.  Write 400 words as they hike for hours, trying to find their way out of the woods, and to figure out where they are.

After a while of following the beach, they realize that they are on an island.  They find a stream to drink from, and have some sandwiches in their pockets to eat, but it’s not going to be enough forever.  Write at your own pace for 15 minutes while they rest for lunch.

After following the stream for a ways, they find apple trees!  They may not be too nutritious on their own, but they are certainly better than nothing.  Go get an apple (or some kind of snack, preferably fruit) and write all you can while you eat it!

Beside the trees, they find an old wall.  They make their way inside and realize they are standing inside the courtyard of an ancient castle.  Once you clean the apple juice off your keyboard, write 400 words while they explore the castle and make their camp for the night.

Susan finds a gold chess piece, just like the ones that they used to play with at Cair Paravel.  Write one page of memories of a character remembering something while everyone remembers their favorite thing about Narnia.

Peter comes to the realization, and points out to the others, that if this place isn’t Cair Paravel, it’s an exact replica, just hundreds of years in the future, which is why it’s so dilapidated.  5 minute word sprint while they rip all the ivy (and wood) out of the door to the treasure chamber.

Having found the treasure room, everyone goes down to see what’s left.  Since there are 16 steps to the treasure chamber, write 160 words as they climb down, guided by Edmund’s new electric torch.

Everyone’s gifts from Father Christmas are still in the treasure room, except for Susan’s horn, which has somehow gone missing.  But they don’t know when they’ll need Edmund’s torch again, so they need to save the battery.  So everyone goes back upstairs to sleep for the night.  Five gifts remain, so write 500 words while they sleep.  Quietly, so you don’t disturb them.

When the children wake up, they decide that they need to get off the island to get some real food and find out what’s been happening.  Write for 10 minutes while they walk down to the shore and try to decide if they can swim across to the mainland.

What’s this?  A boat is coming across the water.  The Telmarine soldiers in the boat don’t see the children, they’re too intent on finishing their task and getting out.  Five minute word sprint as the children realize they’re trying to drown a dwarf, and rush to stop them!

Susan shoots at the Telmarine soldiers to intimidate them.  It works, and they jump out of the boat and swim to the other shore.  Ten minute word war as Peter and Edmund swim out to the boat and bring it and the dwarf.

The dwarf turns out to be Trumpkin, sent to find the aid that might come to Cair Paravel.  Write for 30 minutes as he tells you about Caspian and how he came to be with the Old Narnians.

Trumpkin doesn’t believe the Pevensies are the Kings and Queens of old.  Choose your favorite Pevensie:
  • If you choose Peter, you plan a set of competitions.  Write for 10 minutes while you make the arrangements.
  • If you choose Edmund, you are sword fighting.  Five minute word war until you knock Trumpkin’s sword out of his hand.
  • If you choose Susan, you and Trumpkin have a shooting match.  Write 300 words while you choose a target and shoot it down.
  • If you choose Lucy, you realize that Trumpkin is injured.  A drop of your cordial is easily worth 250 words, so write that while you administer said cordial.  
You now have a boat, so you don’t have to worry about swimming to the mainland.  Write 300 words while they discuss the best route to Aslan’s How.  

After a long day of rowing, the four children and the dwarf make camp for the night, but Lucy is wide awake.  Write for 10 minutes as she wanders the woods near the camp, and talks to the trees, which have been in a deep sleep for centuries.

As they travel, a bear follows them and attacks Lucy.  Fight a 50-headed-hydra as they fight the bear!  If you fail, go sit down a ways away, with Susan and Lucy, and write 200 words while the others skin the bear.

In looking for the Rush River, the five come to an unexpected roadblock: a deep gorge.  Write 1000 words as they realize that this is the Rush, just after a thousand years of erosion.

Lucy has seen Aslan!  But the others (except Edmund) don’t believe her.  Write for five minutes while they decide to go another way.  

Going downstream instead of across the gorge led right to one of Miraz’s outposts!  5 minute word sprint as they run back out of range of Miraz’s sentries, then retrace your steps by deleting your last 200 words. Just kidding!  Write to the nearest 200 as they trudge back upriver.

They make camp again, and again Lucy can’t sleep.  Write at your own pace for 10 minutes as she goes for another walk.

The trees are still not fully conscious, but they are dancing.  Figure out how many dance styles you know, and write 100 words for each (max 1000, min 100).  If you don’t know any dances, write 300 words.

Aslan is here!  He chides Lucy for not coming, even though the others wouldn’t come with her.  Write 400 words as loudly as you can as Lucy tries to wake everyone up.

After a great deal of persuading, everyone follows Lucy, who is following Aslan.  Write to the nearest 500 words as she convinces everyone.

One by one, the others are able to see Aslan too.  At last they emerge from the gorge and all can see him.  Write 500 words (50 for Edmund, 100 for Susan, 150 for Peter, and 200 for Trumpkin, since they took longer to see him).

They are now very near to Aslan’s How, and Aslan sends Trumpkin, Peter, and Edmund inside to “deal with what you will find there.” Then he roars!  My engineer boyfriend says I should say “Sound travels slowly, even for Aslan, so write for 15 minutes and 38 seconds while his roar travels 200 miles, to the very edges of Narnia.”  If you’re rolling your eyes like I am, just write for 15 minutes.

The trees, now fully awakened, come rushing up to Aslan and the girls.  Five minute word sprint as they greet him.

Other creatures have awakened too: Bacchus and Silenus and the Maenads.  Get some really good grapes to eat, and write 400 wordswhile they party, rejoicing in the coming of Aslan.

Inside Aslan’s How, Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin find that Caspian is in a meeting with Nikabrik and his “friends.”  Write silently for 5 minutes as they listen at the door and learn that Nikabrik wants to bring back the White Witch!

There are sounds of fighting from inside the meeting. Obviously, it’s time to suggest a coffee break.  Five minute word war while they fight with the hag, werewolf, and Nikabrik.

After the battle, Trumpkin introduces Caspian to Peter and Edmund.  Get that cup of coffee, and then write to the nearest 500 as they’re introduced.

Bringing back the White Witch is out of the question.  But what will they do, then?  Peter decides to challenge Miraz to a duel to buy time while they wait for Aslan to put his plan into action. Write 200 words of flowery language while Peter dictates the challenge to Dr Cornelius.  Bonus: use a speech-to-text program to dictate it (or else find some very nice person who is willing to be dictated to).

Choosing the messengers to send with the challenge is difficult.  Eventually Edmund, Wimbleweather the Giant, and Glenstorm the Centaur are chosen.  Write 100 words for each.

Lord Glozelle and Lord Sopespian see the messengers bring the challenge, and realize that if Miraz participates, he might well be killed.  They like this idea, and decide to convince him to fight by telling him not to.  Write for five minutes (it didn't take long) while they manipulate, er, advise him.

As planned, Miraz is egged into accepting Peter’s challenge, but not before calling Glozelle a coward.  That didn’t go over well.  Ten minute word sprint while they get everything organized as quickly as possible.  

Now that the duel has been arranged, they need to choose the referees (er, Marshals of the Lists.  That sounds much cooler!).  Reepicheep desperately wants to be chosen, but “some people are afraid of mice, and it would not do to have in sight anything that might abate the edge of Miraz’s courage.”  Write to the nearest 360 as everyone is proud of and annoyed with Peter for being so darned fair!  

Peter isn’t sure whether or not he can beat Miraz.  “That’s what I’m fighting him to find out.”  (Can the famous nursery tale defeat the usurper king?  Tune in at 2:00pm to find out!)  Write in suspenseful silence for ten minutes.

Caspian’s army assembles to watch the fight.  They also aren’t sure if Peter can beat Miraz.  But Trufflehunter notices something the Telmarines don’t seem to yet: the trees have shifted in readiness to attack!  Write 300 words as the trees move into place.  

The fight is fierce.  Both men are very experienced, and neither intend to give in.  The 50-headed hydra feels the same way about you.

After a rest (and an emergency ace wrap for Peter’s shoulder [Call the Narnia EMTs {EMT--Edmund, Master Doctor, Trufflehunter]), they are back at it again.  Peter is afraid he’s not going to beat Miraz.  Hurry to add 200 words, while they rush to bandage Peter's hurt arm.  

Miraz has tripped!  Peter intends to let him get up, but Glozelle and Sopespian have other ideas.  Thus endeth Miraz.  Meanwhile, Sopespian attacks Peter.  Five minute word sprint as the armies of Narnia and Telmar (which has given up claiming to be Narnia) charge toward one another!

It’s a rather short fight, because the trees decided to make sure the Telmarines noticed them.   Another five minute word sprint as the Telmarines, still believing that the forest is full of ghosts, flee in terror.

Meanwhile, Aslan, the girls, and the party have moved on from just partying and are now heading to Beruna.  They destroy the bridge to let the water flow freely.  Get a drink of water, then write 200 words as the ever-growing party splashes across the river!

The group comes to a school, where a little girl is staring out the window.  Write 200 words as the teacher and other students see Aslan and run for their lives, while the one girl comes with them.

Coming to another school, the teacher wants to join the party, but the boys she’s teaching are jerks and don’t want to let her.  They’re acting like animals--like pigs, specifically.  Pigs.  Hmm, thinks Aslan.  Students?  What do you mean your “students” are stopping you?  And where did this herd of pigs come from?  Roll a die, and write 100 words for each pig.

As they are leaving Beruna, they see a little girl crying.  She tells Aslan that her aunt is ill enough that she’s about to die.  Aslan knocks the house over to get to the woman.  (“I’m sorry, but “house knocked over by Lion” is not covered in your insurance policy.”)  Five minute word sprint as everyone gets out of the way of the falling house!

After Aslan breathes on her, the woman is healed.  They bring some water from the well for her to drink, but it’s wine!  Write to the nearest 200 while she climbs up to ride on Aslan’s back.

With the new additions, Aslan, the girls, and everyone else continue on, just in time to meet the Telmarine soldiers fleeing from the trees.  Ten minute word war as they race and fail to escape the trees.

The old woman runs to meet Prince Caspian.  Who would have thought it: she’s his old nurse!  Joyfully write for 5 minutes as they reunite!

Reepicheep is critically wounded.  Lucy uses her cordial to bring him back, but he’s still missing his tail!  Write a 500 word tale while Aslan restores Reepicheep’s tail.

A few days later, after dealing with all the complications that arise from a transfer of power, many Telmarines have assembled at the Ford of Beruna.  Aslan has promised that if anyone doesn’t want to stay and live with the Narnians, they can go back to where they came from: an island in the world of men.  Write 100 words at a firm pace as one brave Telmarine walks through Aslan’s doorway.

It’s time for Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy to go home.  But they can’t very well go back to the train station in their Narnian clothes.  Fortunately, their school clothes have been brought from the castle.  Write to the nearest 500 while they change.

Peter and Susan break the news to the younger two: they won’t be coming back to Narnia, because they are getting too old to come.  Write 150 words as they explain.  

When the four Pevensies go through the doorway, they see three different scenes.  Roll a die to see which scene you notice first.  
  • If you roll a 1 or a 4, you most notice the blue of the sea of the island where the Telmarines are going.  Write 600 words, a hundred for each of the original Telmarines.
  • If you roll a 2 or a 5, you most notice everyone’s faces in Narnia.  Write for 10 minutes as you say goodbye to all of them.
  • If you roll a 3 or a 6, you most notice the emptiness of the train station the Pevensies are going to.  Write 400 words as you think back on your adventure.
Edmund realizes that he’s left his new torch in Narnia.  Turn off the lights, and write by flashlight torchlight for 30 minutes while Edmund waits for his and Peter’s train--trying to figure out how he’s going to explain the missing torch to his father.

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  Self Care Crawl
Posted by: Caspian_ - 04-29-2018, 12:35 PM - Forum: READY... STEADY... WRITE! - No Replies

Over here the google doc for this crawl can be found.

Welcome to the Self Care Crawl

Good day to you, wonderful writer! It's time to take a self care journey, get some writing done, and earn one of the NaNoWriMo badges all at once.

It's the perfect time to take sometime to yourself or to get together with friends and write. You find that writing fills you with a sense of calm and purpose. Do a 10 minute word war then calm your mind by taking 10 deep, slow breaths.

Be Positive
The more you speak positive ideas to yourself, the more they seem to come true for you. Read today's daily affirmation from Louise Hay (https://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/). Think about how you can apply it to you life. Maybe it inspires one of your characters, too. Count the words in the affirmation and write 20x that amount.

Eat Right
Let's talk about some of the ways we can take care of ourselves during NaNoWriMo. What we put into our bodies fuels what we put out into the world. Do you feel like you've used your food as fuel and eaten healthily today?

  • Absolutely: Write 100 words
  • Mostly: Write 200 words
  • Somewhat: Write 300 words
  • Not Today: Write 400 words

Stay Hydrated
Grab yourself an 8oz glass of water for this next challenge. Complete an 8 minute word war and finish the glass of water before time runs out.

Rest Well
Sleep is one of the most important ways to stay healthy, alert, and creative. How many hours did you sleep last night?
  • 8 or more: Write 200 words
  • 7: Write 300 words
  • 6: Write 400 words
  • 5: Write 500 words
  • 4 or less: Write 600 words

Just the act of smiling does wonders for our mood and who says writing can't be fun? Jump to a scene where something happy or good happens, do 10 minute word war and write it with a smile. Feel silly smiling at nothing? Great! Laughter is even better!

Practice Good Posture
Slouching over a keyboard can really do a number to your back. Sit up straight and complete a three digit challenge with perfect posture.

Moving your body is essential to health and happiness. Time how long it takes you to write 300 words. Then, set a timer for the same amount of time and spend it doing gentle stretching.

Keep Going
Finally, remember to keep rewarding yourself for those milestones, no matter how big or small. Sprint to the nearest thousand and enjoy the feeling of seeing those growing digits.

Reward Yourself
Congratulations! You've completed the Self Care Crawl. Access your badges and award yourself the Writer Wellness Badge.

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  NaNoWriMo Academy Crawl
Posted by: Caspian_ - 04-29-2018, 12:02 PM - Forum: READY... STEADY... WRITE! - No Replies

The link for the crawl as a google doc can be found here

Welcome to the Nanowrimo Academy Crawl.

Do a one minute word sprint as you double check your bags.

Do you have everything? Your computer? Your words? Your pen? Your notebook? You’re going to need it. You catch sight of the brochure as you stuff last minute items into your bag. Do a two minute word sprint as you read it.

“Welcome to the Nanowrimo academy,” It reads. “Here you’ll attend classes such as ‘My Plot Ran Away- What Do I DO?,’ ‘The Types of Plot Bunnies’, ‘Founding of Nanowrimo’, and more. During this, you’ll also work on your novel!
Do a five minute word sprint as you drive to the academy.

The academy isn’t that far away, so you’re able to get there pretty quick!
Do a ten minute sprint.

  • If you get under 200 words, you’ve just been admitted to the ranks of the November Academy, out of secondary school.
  • If you get under 400 words, you’re here for your second year.
  • If you get under 450 words, you’re here for your third year.
  • If you get under or over 500 words, you’re here for your fourth and final year.  

Write two hundred words.

You receive your schedule as you walk in the door.
First years: Your schedule looks as follows: Characterization V.1, Writing Techniques V.1, The Types of Plot Bunnies V.1, Founding of Nanowrimo V.1, Lunch, How to Ignore Your Inner Editor V.1, Reaching 50K V.1, Free-write/Study hall V.1
Second years: Your schedule looks as follows:Characterization V.2, Writing Techniques V.2, The Types of Plot Bunnies V.2, Founding of Nanowrimo V.2, Lunch, How to Ignore Your Inner Editor V.2, Reaching 50K V.2, Gym, Free-write/Study hall V.2
Third years, your schedule looks as follows: Characterization V.3, Writing Techniques V.3, The Types of Plot Bunnies V.3, Founding of Nanowrimo V.3, Lunch, How to Ignore Your Inner Editor V.13, Reaching 50K V.3, Gym, Art, Free-write/Study hall V.3
Fourth years, your schedule is as follows: Characterization V.4, Writing Techniques V.4, The Types of Plot Bunnies V.4, Founding of Nanowrimo V.4, Lunch, How to Ignore Your Inner Editor V.4, Reaching 50K V.4, Gym, Art, How to Over Achieve, Free-write/Study hall V.4

You check out the dorms, and receive your key.
  • If you’re a year one, your dorm is on the first floor, so you don’t have to go very far. Word war for five minutes with someone as you reach your dorm. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.
  • If you’re in your second year, your dorm is on the second floor, so you have to climb up a flight of stairs. Word war for ten minutes with someone as you reach your dorm. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.
  • If you’re onto your third year, you get stuck with a room on the third floor. You get stuck with three flights of stairs. Word war for ten minutes.
    • If you win, you get an awesome roommate who helps you carry your stuff up.
    • If you lose, you have to lug all of your stuff up. Write another 100 words.
  • If you’re on to your fourth year, you’re on the top floor. Word war for fifteen minutes.
    • If you lose you drop your stuff on the second floor and have to clean up broken glass. Write an extra 300 words.
    • If you win do nothing else.

You decide to take a nap before exploring the rest of campus, and accidentally sleep longer than you were supposed to. Roll a die.
  • If you’re at your first year, write 10 times that number.
  • If you’re in your second, write 20 times that number.
  • If you’re in your third, write 100 times that number.
  • If you’re in your fourth, write 1000 times that number.

You realize that you slept through the night, but thankfully your roommate wakes you up. As you hurriedly get ready, write:
  • One hundred words for year one
  • Two hundred words for year two
  • Three hundred words for year three
  • Five hundred words for year four

You rush into your respective classes.
  • Year one: Your professor smiles at you, and says “It’s okay, it’s the first day. Go ahead and take a seat.” You slip into your seat and he starts passing out the class materials. You get a book with a character on the front. The professor begins speaking, “Characters are one of the most important things in fiction. It’s important to know your characters past, even if you don’t explain it to the reader. I want you to write for five minutes about your character’s past.”
  • Year two: You manage to make it in on time, and your books are sitting on your desk. You shove them into your bag, and listen as the professor begins speaking. “It’s important to convey emotions and facts about your character without stating them. Show, don’t tell, is especially important here. Make a list of your character’s dominant traits. Use this list to write a six hundred word scene where your characters emotions come out, without you saying ‘s/he/they is mad/sad/etc.”
  • Year three: You stumble into class on time, and the professor glares, but says nothing as he deposits a paper on your desk. “We need to know about our characters,” He says “To make them seem real to the reader. Dialogue is an excellent way to get to know your character. Write for ten minutes while you or someone else has a revealing conversation with your character. This should show something about their emotions.”
  • Year four: You arrive ten minutes late, and the professor starts yelling at you. You cower and suddenly the professor stops “I want you to write one thousand words about how a character could grow from an experience like this.” He walks away, and starts lecturing the class.
    • Passing period is a busy time. Take ten minutes to do a word war.
      • If you lose write however many words you lost by.
      • If you win write the amount of words the loser wrote.

You duck into writing techniques on time, and find a seat.
  • Year one: Your teacher for this class is an old looking lady named Ms. Plum. She smiles at you as you sit down and immediately starts talking to the class. “Welcome to Writing Techniques!  Today we’ll be brainstorming what makes other people’s writing so lovely! Take out your pens and paper- no dastardly technology here!” Some of the students sneak onto their phones to type a list, but others pull out notebooks. “Write down a list of things that you like in others writing.”
  • Year two: You sit down in your seat, but thankfully don’t have Ms.Plum this year. Instead you have a young teacher who doesn’t say anything besides “Write for ten minutes in the style of your favorite author- I have to text my boyfriend.” She scowls and sits at her desk. You don’t really know why they hired her.
  • Year three: Your teacher is mumbling to the whiteboard, and you miss most of what he says besides “Some writing techniques can be found at http://thewritelife.com/5-powerful-writing-techniques/. Try to write using one of the tips here for ten minutes.
  • Year four: Your teacher is missing. You wait fifteen minutes while taking place in a word war before walking out of class. Someone notifies the office, but they don’t have anyone to spare. You wander out to the gardens, where someone smiles and invites you to write with them. You write 1,500 hundred more words.
    • Passing period is a busy time. Take ten minutes to do a word war.
      • If you lose write however many words you lost by.
      • If you win write the amount of words the loser wrote times two.

You wander into your plot bunny class, only to be stopped and directed into a line. The teacher has decided to take you down to the forums to get your own plot bunny! http://nanowrimo.org/forums/games-divers...stination/
If you can’t find one there, go ahead and write yourself up a plot bunny in 50 word or more.
  • Year one: Plot bunny in tow, your teacher leads you back to the classroom. “Now that you have new ideas,” he says, “write away with your plot bunny. Write for five minutes.”
  • Year two: Once you get back to your classroom, the teacher starts talking about the different types of plot bunnies. Halfway through, he starts ranting about The Lop Earred Sitting Around Talking Shorthair “It’s evil!” He proclaims, “Your character just sits down and does nothing! NOTHING! You write maybe five hundred words and he’s just TALKING!” In an attempt to tune him out, you write two hundred words.
  • Year three: When you get back, your plot bunny runs away. Write 500 words while you find it hiding behind a plant.
  • Year four: Your teacher has a love-stricken look in her eyes eyes as she starts talking about the Luuuuuv bunny. “He’s just so lovely!” She says, smiling “Invading your novel, and your life and oooh!” The person next to you tires of her rambling and asks “Want to write a thousand words with me?” You counter with “I’ll do that times three, and a ten minute word war.” (3,000 words and a 10 minute word war.) “Deal!” She smiles and you start writing.

Founding of Nanowrimo is canceled due to technical errors. You stare in wonder as pencils rain from the sky, and run outside to catch one. Only, the pencils have numbers on them. Depending on the pencil you catch, you have to write that amount of words. Generate a number between 1 and 10000. Write that many words.

You get to lunch, and a friend challenges you to write eighty words in a minute. Repeat until you can, then take a break. You deserve it!

You go from Lunch to Ignoring Your Inner Editor.  Your teacher seems insistent upon nonsense. He blathers gibberish, spews adverbs, and generally does a great job of ignoring his inner editor. He doesn’t tell you how to do it however, and you’re stuck writing and trying.
  • Year one: Write one hundred words without hitting the backspace key. Everytime you hit it, add another fifty words.
  • Year two: Write two hundred words without hitting the backspace key. Everytime you hit it, add another fifty words.
  • Year three: Write five hundred words without hitting the backspace key. Everytime you hit it, add another fifty words.
  • Year four: Write 1,500 hundred words without hitting the backspace key. Everytime you hit it, add another two hundred words.  

After Ignoring Your Inner Editor, you head to Reaching 50K. The teacher’s desperately trying to prepare for her next hour, so she just assigns you words prints to build your stamina.
  • Year one: Sprint to 1000 words!
  • Year two: Sprint to 2000 words!
  • Year three: Sprint to 3000 words!
  • Year four: Sprint to 10000 words!

If you’re in year one SKIP THIS.
If not, you rush to gym where the teacher orders you to flex your writing muscles and write 1000 words in twelve minutes. Repeat until you can.  After that, he scowls and orders you to write 5% of what you’ve written in this crawl.

Passing period is a busy time. Take ten minutes to do a word war.
  • If you lose write however many words you lost by.
  • If you win write the amount of words the loser wrote.
  • If you’re in years one or two SKIP THIS.

If not, you rush to Art. You take five minutes to look at the artisans thread, and then race 3% of your WHOLE word count because you’re so inspired.
  • If you’re in year one, two, or three, SKIP THIS.

You rush to the last real class of the day ‘How to be an overachiever’ and frown. This class is scary. The teacher immediately orders you to do a fifty-headed hydra, followed by a 1K in 10 minutes. After that, he declares that you’ve just warmed up and tells you to write 5K in an hour. As you pray for the test to get out, he delivers the final blow. Write 5% of your total for the crawl or write 10K. The choice is yours. Just as you think you're free, they scowl and order you to stay another ten minutes. They give you the 3% challenge. Then they give you a 10% of everything in the crawl. And finally, they smile slowly, and pair you up against a wrimo named HiddenStorys for a word war. Try to write more than 10,500 words in ten minutes to finally escape the class. If you don't, write 10K more before running.

Passing period is a busy time. Take ten minutes to do a word war.
  • If you lose write however many words you lost by.
  • If you win write the amount of words the loser wrote.

Exhausted from a busy day, you get to study hall and write one thousand more words followed by a ten minute word war.   You head back to your dorm room and sprint 200 words in the time it takes you to get there.

You fall exhausted into bed, and dream of writing 900 words.

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  Moana crawl
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Over here you can find the google doc for this crawl

“In the beginning, there was only ocean…” It’s time to create some word “islands” in the “ocean” of your blank page! Start off with 3 minutes of writing, plain and simple.

Maui steals the Heart of Te Fiti, only for the Heart to be lost in the ocean when he is struck down by Te Ka. Sprint to 500 words as the search for the Heart of Te Fiti begins, as does your adventure as Moana.

Let’s fast-forward to Moana’s early childhood. You’re exploring the shore when you see a helpless baby turtle. Write for 5 minutes as you try to lead it to the water.

  • If you write fewer than 300 words, you have to fight of birds looking to make a snack of the turtle. Write for 3 more minutes as you protect the turtle.
  • If you write 300 words or more, things go smoothly and you’re done.
The ocean interacts with you, and gives you a strange gift that you wind up losing. You don’t get much time to look for it, because your father, the Chief of Motunui, soon shows up and takes you away. He teaches you the ways of life on Motunui. Write for the length of the song Where You Are. (If you don’t want to listen while you write, or can’t access the song, it is 3 and a half minutes long.)

By the time you’re sixteen, it seems you are on track to take over as Chief. Sprint to 600 words as you help the villagers with their various problems.

Everyone is proud of you… But it turns out the call of the ocean isn’t something you can forget. Write for the length of the song How Far I’ll Go. (Again, if you don’t want to or can’t listen, the song is 2 and a half minutes long.)

But you only started thinking about the ocean because of some of the problems plaguing Motuni! The biggest problem is that there are no fish to be found within the reef. Write for 5 minutes as you try to take a boat out beyond the reef.
  • If you write fewer than 300 words, your attempt is a disaster, and you must write 300 more words.
  • If you write 300 or more words… Well, you attempt is still a disaster, but it could have been a bigger one.
Grandma Tala catches you after you wash up on the shore, and reveals the secret history of Motunui. As you learn that your people were once voyagers, write for the length of the song We Know The Way. (Alternatively, write for 2 and a half minutes.)

You are given the Heart of Te Fiti, which Grandma Tala has kept since your encounter with the ocean as a toddler. You had thought that was a dream! If the Heart of Te Fiti is restored, you can save Motunui… If not, all the islands of the ocean will be destroyed. Sprint to 500 words as you try to convince your father and the rest of the village to help you restore the Heart.

No one is listening to you, but when Grandma Tala passes on, you know you must take this journey, even if it’s one you’ll take alone. Your first step? Finding Maui, who must help you restore the Heart. But it’s easier said than done. You know how to get there, but you don’t know how to sail. Write for 5 minutes or have a word war as you attempt to navigate the ocean.
  • If you write less than 300 words or lose the word war, you must write for 3 more minutes as you try to survive a terrible storm.
  • If you hit 300 words or more, or win the word war, you manage to stay out of the way of the storm, but are still lost.
One way or another, you eventually end up on the island where Maui is, and meet the egotistical demigod. Write for the length of the song You’re Welcome. (Alternatively, write for 3 minutes.)

Now you must convince him to help you. Sprint to 200 words until you realize Maui has taken off with your boat.

You manage to catch up with Maui – thanks, ocean! – but soon the Kakamora attack. Write for 5 minutes as you fight them off.
  • If you write 300 or fewer words, the battle takes a turn for the worse as their ship seems to multiply. Write an extra 100 words to finish things up.
  • If you write 300 or more words, you manage to scare those little coconut-armor-wearing pirates off quickly! Continue your voyage!
The next stop on this trip is Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters, where you and Maui must retrieve his hook from the crab monster Tamatoa. Write for 8 minutes during the very long fall.
  • If you write fewer than 500 words, you land far from Tamatoa’s lair, and must face some truly spooky monsters before reuniting with Maui. Write 200 more words as you do so.
  • If you write 500 or more words, you land outside Tamatoa’s lair. Good work!
Now you and Maui have to work together to get the Hook back from Tamatoa. Write for the length of the song Shiny. (Alternatively, write for 3 minutes.)

Maui is impressed with how you handle yourself in Lalotai, and even agrees to teach you wayfinding. Sprint to 500 words while he shows you the ropes.

You finally deliver Maui and the Heart of Te Fiti across the ocean, and have made it to Te Fiti. Time for Maui to restore that heart! However, Te Ka is there – and your reckless attempt to get past her gets Maui’s fishhook damaged. The trust between you two is broken. Sprint to 400 words as you reflect on your actions.

When all seems lost, the spirit of Grandma Tala helps you finally see who you are and why you were chosen for this quest. Write for the length of the song I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors). (Alternatively, write for 3 minutes.)

You will restore the Heart of Te Fiti, even if you must do it alone… But you don’t have to. Maui comes through in the end, having forgiven you and realized that he is more than just the power of his fishhook. Write for 8 minutes or have a word war as the two of you try to get to Te Fiti.
  • If you write less than 500 words or lose the word war, the dangerous struggle nearly seems hopeless, and Maui’s fishhook is broken in the process. Write 200 more words.
  • If you write 500 words or more, or win the word war, you manage to get to Te Fiti with relative ease.
Either way, something shocks you when you get to the Mother Island: she’s not there. That’s when you realize that when Te Fiti’s Heart was stolen, she became the demon Te Ka. Write 500 words as you bravely let Te Ka come to you, and return her heart.

Te Ka becomes Te Fiti once more, and after saying a heartfelt goodbye to Maui, you set sail for Motunui, where your family greets you with joy and pride. Your people start to sail again, and you take your place as Chief in your own, unique way. Write for 5 minutes. You know the way.

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  Once Upon a Time crawl
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Here is the google doc if you want to read it over there.

It’s 8:15 as you roll into Storybrooke. This town is like Hotel California, the orange painted townline tells you that you can enter, but you can’t leave. You park in Main Street behind a very familiar looking yellow bug.

While thinking through options for accommodation, you do a 15 minute word war.

  • If you write less than 400 words, then there’s no choice but to get comfortable in your car. That’s alright, some people only have a car.
  • If you write between 400 and 600 words, then you get a room at Granny’s. Beware her wolf-like hearing when typing late at night.
  • If you write more than 600 words, then congratulations you’re favorite character is at the window, offering you a bed in their spare room.
The next day, you start to investigate the town. There’s a new villain at work and you want to help the heroes defeat them. Unfortunately, heroics usually start with research so you head to the library to dig into the books. To get started, you take the Fifty Headed Hydra challenge.

All that reading gave you a raging thirst, you decide to take a break and sprint to the nearest 1000.

It’s back to the library, to finish off the research - finish your current scene.

Finally success! The books reveal that the villain might be susceptible to a certain spell. However, it needs ingredients, so you head to Regina’s vault. On your way you do a quick 500 word sprint.

The vault is a complete mess. How does anybody find anything down here? You open a crate and shut it quickly seeing what looked like a two headed snake. This is going to take a while, so time for a 30 minute word war.
  • If you are sleeping in your car, then you’ll find the ingredients if you write 800 words in the 30 minutes. If you don’t make it, then try again for 40 minutes. If you don’t make it again, then not to worry someone else finds the ingredients for you.
  • If you are staying at Granny’s, then you’ll find the ingredients if you write 1000 words in the 30 minutes. If you don’t make it, then try again for 40 minutes. If you don’t make it again, then not to worry someone else finds the ingredients for you.
  • If you are in the spare room, then you’ll find the ingredients if you write 1200 words in the 30 minutes. If you don’t make it, then try again for 40 minutes. If you don’t make it again, then not to worry someone else finds the ingredients for you.
The spell is all ready to go but the others aren’t here yet to cast it. Quick, roll a dice and write that many x100 words.

Finally the spell is cast and the villain is apprehended. So why aren’t things getting back to normal? This means only one thing - the bad guy wasn’t working alone. The spell on the townline is still as strong as ever. It’s going to take some serious thinking. Write 3% of your current wordcount while everyone is trying to puzzle it out.

You didn’t get much sleep last night, too busy thinking about who the second villain could be.
However, you did have an idea, what if the second villain is in the book? You ask Henry if you can borrow his book to check. He says you can, if you do the 1k1hr challenge (1000 words in 1 hour).

There are so many stories in this book and they are all so interesting! You look over your shoulder, but nobody is watching you, so you find your favorite characters story to read first. It won’t take long to read it and then you’ll get back to villain research. Do the three digit challenge.

You read the story of the villain you just defeated but there is no mention of any shadowy partners so it must be a new teamup! That means you have to go back to the beginning of the book, and read every single story. You decide to do a word sprint to keep your mind sharp when reading.
  • If you are sleeping in your car write 500 words.
  • If you are staying at Granny’s write 1000 words.
  • If you are in the spare room write 1500 words.
The book doesn’t reveal anything interesting, so there’s nothing for it. You have to head over to Gold’s pawnshop and ask Rumplestiltskin what he knows. However, it’s not just magic that comes with a price, information isn’t free either. For payment write until you’ve hit an amount equal to half your daily goal.

Rumplestiltskin didn’t know who you were looking for, but he gave you a tracking spell to find where they are hiding. You start to head there now, it’s almost most time for the big confrontation and you are a little nervous.
  • If you are sleeping in your car, write to the nearest 500 word milestone (500, 1000 etc.)
  • If you are staying at Granny’s, write to the nearest 1000 word milestone (1000, 2000 etc.)
  • If you are in the spare room, write to the nearest 2000 word milestone (2000, 4000 etc.)
The second villain is defeated and true loves kiss is about to break the curse on the townline. You know you have to leave before the townline gets cursed again. However, even though this town is kinda crazy, it feels like home and you are going to miss everyone. To drag out your last day, write the amount of your daily goal.

The Leaving Storybrooke sign fades into the distance. You pull out a coin and flip it.
  • Heads, you turn around and start the crawl again.
  • Tails, you return to your life and leave Storybrooke behind.

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  The Pirate Adventure Crawl
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Over here is the place where the google doc is for the crawl.

The Pirate Adventure Crawl

Avast ye scurvy scalawag! Are ye hankerin’ for adventure on the high seas? Do ye dream of buried treasure and golden doubloons? Are ye in desperate need of a word count boost? Well, ye’ve made port at the right place, matey!  

Pirate lingo aside, I’ve really enjoyed crawls this year. I know we’re almost at the end of this year’s event, but I decided to try my hand at writing one anyway. This is my first try, so I hope it's helpful. It’s on the (really) long side, so feel free to do only some of it  or break it up into a few sessions, or try and finish in one sitting if you‘re really feeling brave. Enjoy!


1.) You can use a piece of eight to buy your way out of a challenge. You’ll find these along the way, along with other items that may or may not come in handy later on.
2.)  Dice used is a standard six sided one. If you don’t have any actual dice, you can use this digital one.
3.)  You can redo any challenge if you’re not happy with the results.
4.) Have fun!
5.) If you like, share your progress in the comments!

Part 1 - Casting Off

You find yourself sitting in an old, ramshackle tavern. The air is thick with the smoky stench of tobacco and the slightly sour smell of old rum. Music and drunken shanties mingle with the sounds of clinking dishes and rough voices. Through the window, a breeze rolling in off the ocean fills your senses with the smell of the endless blue and wakens your lust for adventure. You feel something folded in your pocket and you remember- you have a treasure map!  Where you got it and the events that got you here are a bit fuzzy in your memory, but what matters now is that you’re sitting at a table with three different pirate captains. All three of them have invited you to join their crew and lend your map to their pursuit of treasure. You need a ship and a crew if you’re going to get any of that gold at all. You know you must make a choice.

They’re all trying to convince you why you should join them. Do a 5 minute word war while you listen to their words.

To your left is a wizened old coat with a gray beard and an eye patch. He grins a near toothless grin. He is Captain Christopher “Cuttlefish” Anderson. He smells and looks as though he hasn’t bathed in a year.  His ship is called The Black Shark. He’ll pay you three pieces of eight to join him.

Across from you is a burly Jamaican fellow with a charming smile and intelligent eyes. He’s called simply Captain Tack. He’s dressed in bright colors and has a parrot on his shoulder that constantly repeats what he says. His ship is called The Blood Seeker. He’ll pay you two pieces of eight to join him.

To the right is the only woman in the bunch, Captain Annabelle MacFanning. She looks serious and cold, a true deadly beauty with her golden hair and the flintlock pistol in her hand pointed casually in your direction. There’s a curious gleam in her blue eyes you can‘t quite identify. She’ll pay you only one piece of eight to join her.

CHALLENGE: Do a 10 minute word war. Your word count determines your result.

More than 500 words: You join the pirate of your own choice. Pick a captain and accept their payment!

500 or less: The pirates get into a fight over you. You are kidnapped by one of them while the other two are busy brawling. Roll the dice to determine who takes you. (you get only one piece of eight with any result).
1 or 2 -  Christopher.
3 or 4 - Tack.
5 or 6 - Annabelle.

Your new captain hurries out of the tavern with you, hauling you into the crowded streets of the bustling port town before you can be stopped by the others. You’re pulled along, dodging carts loaded with smelly fish and drunken pirates weaving about, until you reach the docks. The sight of the many impressive ships rocking gently in the harbor fills you with a sense of excitement. Ah, the sea! You’re setting out on a true adventure!  

“Alright, move your feet,” your captain commands. “Onboard, sailor!”

“Aye!” you say, and hurry up the gangplank. You hear the sound of the sails rustling in the wind and the creak of the wooden planks beneath your feet. As you step onto the ship the captain commands you to stay on deck and heads to the  cabin. The busy pirate crew stops their work and looks at you curiously. Since you‘ve been left on your own with no explanation, it’s clear that it’s up to you to make nice with this group of bloodthirsty scalawags. After all, you’re going to be sailing with them on this adventure!

Write 200 words to charm the pirates with your sea shanties and your excellent jigging skills!

The quarter master, who was very impressed, walks up to you.  “Welcome to the crew,” he says, “You seem like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, but where’s your weapon? You’ll need somethin’ to fight with on this ship, popinjay. I’ve got a few spare things I can loan you, but you’ve gotta prove you can use ‘em!”

CHALLENGE: Do a 10 minute word war to show the quartermaster your fighting skills. Your word count determines your weapon!  
300 words or less: You get a dagger. Small but sharp.
500 words or less: You get a pistol. Powerful but slow to reload.
More than 500 words: You get a sword - sharp and deadly

You put your new weapon in your belt and the crew cheers, welcoming you on board. You notice one man giving you a strange glare, but he slinks away without saying anything. The captain appears and gives the order to make sail, then calls you to come to the captain’s cabin. You do as you’re told. Once behind the closed door, the captain sits down and invites you to do so as well. You look around at the many riches and odd things decorating the cabin. Even a human skull is nailed to the wall. You gulp nervously. A glass of rum (the really expensive kind) is poured and pushed across the table to you by a bejeweled hand.

“Now,” says the captain, “Let’s have a look at that map, shall we, matey?”

You reach into your pocket and produce said map. Carefully you unfold the aged parchment and spread it out over the table. You’re nervous about sharing it, but the ship is already leaving the harbor. You don’t want to do anything to displease the captain and earn a keelhauling. The captain observes the tattered map closely, smiling a greedy smile as he/she traces a finger over it.

“Aye, this be a special map indeed. How did you find it?”

“Oh, you know captain,” you say, “I heard a rumor from the cousin of a friend who knows a man who romanced a woman who may or may not have had dealings with some sort of mystical sea witch. The usual sort of thing.”

The captain laughs and slaps you on the back. “Good! Now, drink! A toast! To treasure and adventure!”

You raise your glass. The rum is rich and heady and it burns in your belly. The captain pours you another, and another, too excited about the treasure to horde the costly spirits. Roll the dice to determine how many shots of rum you get. Multiply the number x 100 and write that many words.

This drink is extremely strong and you find yourself growing drowsy right away… and then the world fades away. As the ship rolls over the waves, you roll into darkness.

PART 2- Part of the Crew

CHALLENGE: Had a little more than you could handle, aye? Do a twenty minute word war while you sleep off that exotic old spice!

If you’re sailing with Christopher, you wake up cold in the brig, in only your skivvies, without your weapon or your map.  Punishment for drunkenness on duty, the captain claims. You must use all your pieces of eight to convince him to let you free. Sprint for 15 more minutes to get yourself back on deck, deal with the teasing of the crew and your horrible headache while you try to find your clothes and weapon.

If you’re sailing with Tack, you wake up right where you fell asleep- in a puddle of your own drool on the captain’s table. He’s  nowhere to be seen. Be grateful Cap’n Tack found it funny and let you keep your map and your dignity. Sprint for 10 minutes to clean up and leave.

If you’re sailing with Annabelle, you wake up warm and cozy in a gently-swinging hammock in the crew’s quarters. You’re fully dressed with your map and money. She must be a bit nicer than she looked. Sprint for 5 minutes to climb up to the deck and see what’s happening.  

When you get to the main deck you find utter chaos! An enemy ship is drawing near, and the cannons are firing! You jump out of the way just in time; a cannon rips through a stack of barrels, shattering them with a loud bang. As splinters fall over you and the crew scurries around in action, you know you must do something helpful! You see a pirate thrown back by a blast. The cannon he was firing is now unmanned. Take charge of it and fire!

CHALLENGE: Roll the dice to find out how many cannon balls you fire at the enemy ship! Multiply your result x 100 and write that many words to hit your mark! Go! Go! Go!

Despite your valiant efforts, the enemy ship draws up to the your ship‘s port side! Enemy pirates are swinging over onto the deck and into the rigging above your head! They brandish blades and guns and ugly scowls. You’re going to have to fight!

CHALLENGE: Time to do battle!

If you have a dagger you have a difficult time. Sprint for 20 minutes to take down a few rogue pirates but get several wounds in the process and lose a piece of eight.

If you have a pistol you’re able to hide behind some crates and take out several enemies from afar without getting hurt!  However, you have a limited number of shots and it takes time to reload. Sprint for 10 minutes!

If you have a sword you jump into battle and hack and slash like a mad creature! You’re covered in blood (mostly theirs) by the time you’ve finished defending your fellow crew! Sprint for 5 minutes and find a piece of eight!

The battle is over! Some of your crew mates fell in the fight, but you managed to help defeat the enemy pirates. Congratulations! You climb over with your mates to the defeated ship to see what you can plunder. Roll the dice to determine what you find!
1 or 2 - You find five pieces of eight!
3 or 4 - You find ten pieces of eight, plus a bottle of rum!
5 or 6 - You find five pieces of eight and a strange looking bauble.

When you return to your own ship, a young man wearing a faded scarf shakes your hand. “You’ve proven yourself, mate!” he says, “You saved my life! You’re a part of the crew now!”

You’re not sure how you feel about this, but there’s no time to ponder on it. The ship needs to be cleaned and repaired so you can continue your treasure hunt. The captain gives everyone a specific task.

CHALLENGE:  Roll the dice. Multiply the result x 100 and write that many words to get the vessel in ship shape.

The ship is cleaned and repaired for the rest of the journey. The dead are honored and sunken into the sea in a sailor’s burial. By this time night has fallen, and everyone on the ship is exhausted from the trying events of the day. The captain allows the crew to break out some rum and take some time to relax and rest. A few of the pirates have instruments and they begin to play music to lighten the mood. The young man from before smiles at you. “D’you know any shanties, mate?” he asks, “Sing us a song!”  

CHALLENGE: Roll the dice. Your result determines the song you sing (linked below). Open the song in another tab or window, let it play, and sprint for the duration of the song to show off your singing voice to your mates!

1 or 2 -  Mermaids from the POTC On Stranger Tides soundtrack
3 or 4 -  No Quarter by Alestorm
5 or 6 -  Epic Pirate Music Mix

The crew loves your performance and rum is passed around. The mood is lightened, thanks to you!
If you wrote 300 words your mates give you three pieces of eight and you head to your hammock to sleep.
If you write 500 or more words one of your mates gives you a shiny jewel as thanks for the song.
If you wrote less than 300 words, you get no pieces of eight and you have to keep the late night watch in the crow’s nest. Write another 100 words to keep from falling asleep while on duty.

PART 3 - Adventure on the Island

For several days the ship sails on without much happening. There is good weather, fine wind, and the pirates are treating you like a member of the piratical family! .

CHALLENGE: Sprint for 30 minutes to get through this long journey at sea (if you have a bottle of rum, only 15 minutes).

The bloke up in the crow’s nest suddenly shouts out. “Land ho!” Everyone runs to the railing to look. An island looms dead ahead, like a large turtle shell rising out of the sea. Although it looks like any other island from where you are, you can’t help the feeling of foreboding that descends on you. There is something strange about this island… something unnatural and dangerous. Suddenly you feel as though the treasure may not be worth the risk. Dread wraps around your heart, but there’s nothing you can do now. If you don’t do your part in the treasure hunt then you won’t be getting any of the treasure. It’s your map- you’re going for it!


Write 250 words as the ship is anchored to try and relieve your nervousness. The captain and a few select crewmen climb into the longboat. You join them. As you’re rowed to shore you grasp your weapon tightly in your hand and wonder what strange things await you on this island. Write another 100 words to get to shore.

As you step out of the boat onto the white sandy beach, you look around. The beach rolls on in either direction out of sight and leads up to what looks like thick, impassable jungle.  There are two visible paths leading off through the rich flora.

“Which way do we go, navigator?“ the Captain asks you, waiting impatiently. You produce the map and look closely at the aged parchment. Which path do you choose?

CHALLENGE: Do a 20 minute word war. Your word count determines your result!
Less than 600 words - You take the path on the left.
600 words or more - You take the path on the right.

“This way,” you say, and the small party heads in that direction. As you step into the jungle you instantly feel like many eyes are watching you. A shiver runs down your spine despite the hot, humid air, but you press on.  You walk for a good long while, stepping over roots and cutting through thick vegetation. Insects buzz around your ears and every once in a while you imagine you feel something grabbing at you out of the green shadows. The deeper into the jungle you go, the hotter and harder to breathe the air becomes  Suddenly the thick flora opens into a clearing. In the middle of it is a large pool of clear, blue water, fed by a sparkling waterfall. You see something swimming in the water. The air is lighter and you realize, with some alarm, that the path on the map leads straight into the pool.

Write 100 words as you carefully approach the edge of the water. When you get there, a beautiful mermaid appears. She smiles at you and rests her elbows on the ground at your feet.

“Do you have something for me?” she asks. “I can  help you if you do.”

If you have a strange bauble or a jewel, you give it to her. Write 250 words as she tells you the direction to take to reach the treasure.

If you have nothing to give her, write 500 words as you try and convince her to help you. In the end she refuses and tells you to leave before she kills you and the others.

You leave behind the refreshing clearing and head back into the jungle. You press on for what seems like hours through the unchanging, stifling, itchy scenery. You look for landmarks along the way. You pass a crumbling statue shaped like a monkey. You see two trees that grew together in a strange shape. All the while you think you hear footsteps behind your party, but you never see anything behind you. The feeling of being watched never ceases.

Finally, as the sun is setting, you reach your destination. The map has lead you to another clearing. It looks like there was once a village here. The foundations of ruined hut-like buildings are everywhere, overgrown with briars and weeds. In the center of the overgrown clearing there is what looks like a building made completely of human bones! You shudder at this sight, but you know that is where the treasure is hidden.

“Who’s gonna look inside, Cap‘n?” someone asks. The captain smirks and looks at you silently. It’s clear that you are the one who has to look in the strange bone building. As you approach it, you and the others are suddenly accosted by dozens of strange enemies! You draw your weapon and swallow your fear- you must fight your way through if you‘re going to come out of this adventure alive!

If you took the left path, you’re fighting living, cursed pirate skeletons! Although they are terrifying, they’re relativity easy to defeat. As soon as you give them a good whack, they’re done for. Sprint for 30 minutes to defeat the skeletons!

If you took the right path, you are fighting crazed zombie monkeys! They’re small, they’re undead, they’re fast, and they’re mean! No matter how fast you are, they seem to always get the better of you. The fiendish little beasts are almost impossible to beat. Sprint for 40 minutes to kill the wicked furry buggers!

Finally you defeat all your undead enemies! You’re exhausted as you stagger to the bone building and grab the door handle (which is fashioned from a skeleton hand). Your wounds are stinging and your chest is heaving. You yank open the door; it rattles and shakes and for a moment the whole building seems like it‘s about to collapse. You tense, but when it stops shaking you step inside. It’s dark and the air smells musty and old. You’re sure that no one has been inside this place for many, many years.

“What d’you see?” one of your mates calls out. You look around and slowly your vision adjusts. The sun is setting outside and so it is quite dark. You soon see that there are three large chests. Your old feeling of excitement and adventure returns. You have found the treasure! What gold and jewels await you? What pearls and diamonds, what items of unknown riches? Of course, you know it can’t be that easy. You take a step further inside. A skull sitting in the middle of the earthen floor suddenly starts glowing! You jump back in fright as a voice startles you, booming from within the illuminated skull.

“You have come to take my ancient treasure! You made it this far, so I will grant you a chance. One of these chests holds my treasure. The other two are cursed! Choose wisely, pirate!”

This is it! This is what everything boils down to! Which treasure do you choose? Roll the dice twice. Add your results together, then multiply x 100. Write the final result!

If you succeed in under 30 minutes, choose chest 1, 2 or 3.
If it takes you longer, roll the dice to choose your chest.
1 or 2- Chest One.   3 or 4 - Chest Two.  5 or 6 - Chest Three.

You’ve chosen your treasure. You carefully step over the talking skull and grab the chest. It takes all of your remaining strength to drag the heavy thing out of the bone hut and into the moonlight. You collapse on top of it, completely exhausted, your brown drenched in sweat and your clothing torn and stained with blood. The adventure is over… or is it? The pirates walk up silently, excited but nervous. You tiredly raise your head and look up at the captain, who is standing over you expectantly.

“Well,” the captain says, “Open it, and let’s see what we’ve found.”

“Aye aye,” you say, and you sit back. To your surprise, there is no lock on the chest. Slowly, with hands that shake from weariness- or is it fear? - you grasp the edges of the lid. You take a deep breath, knowing that this may be the best or worst thing to ever happen to you.

You open the chest.


If you chose Chest One - Congratulations! You chose the correct chest! You behold hundreds of shiny gold doubloons, countless jewels of every color, and exotic and strange items you know are worth a fortune. There are more treasure maps wedged in amongst the treasure, and right on top is a bound leather book. That is the first thing you grab. As the crew dances and sings you flip through it. There are stories, poems, songs, knowledge that is ancient and wonderful. With this you will be able to find a hundred treasures, and write a thousand novels. A thrill of accomplishment courses through you, revitalizing your tired body. You’ve done it - you’ve gone on a pirate adventure and found the treasure! You, captain and crew return to the ship, victorious. The celebration goes on long into the night and when it’s done you’ve decided to become a permanent member of the crew. You’re a pirate, and there is more adventure ahead for you! Write 100 words to end your epic pirate tale!

If you chose Chest Two - you chose a cursed chest. When you open it you are greeted by naught but a black smoke. It swirls and seems to grow, until it surrounds you in a dark mist. You can barely see or hear. Your heart  pounds, your thoughts race. All of your mates run away in fright, leaving you to your fate.  A ghostly face appears in the mist.
“You dared to disturb my ancient treasure…This is a curse of Time… You must return to your arrival to this island and relive your treasure hunt over again!”
Oh no! Will you go through it all again? If you any have pieces of eight you may use them to beg the greedy spirit for mercy… and then write a last 15 minute word war as you trudge back through the jungle to the ship, empty handed.

If you chose Chest Three - you chose a cursed chest.  When you open it, an invisible force reaches out and wraps around your throat. You feel a horrible coldness spreading throughout your being, grasping your very soul. You try to scream but no sound passes your lips. Your mates look on in horror, but when they come near to try and help they are forced back. You hear your captain telling them to retreat, and commanding them to leave you to die. Despair fills you as you succumb to the cold and darkness.
When you wake up you find yourself lying there in the clearing. You look down. Your wounds are healed and your clothing is mended. Strangely enough, you feel stronger than you ever have before. As you get to your feet you look up to see a ghostly figure standing before you. You realize this is the crew member who looked at you strangely on the ship.

“Ye be now cursed as I am,” the ghostly pirate says, “Never dying. Because you fought so hard, ye be stronger now than before.” The figure’s mouth curves into a dark and evil smile. “The ship and the captain who abandoned you are still on the shore. If we hurry, we can catch them.”

You smile a wicked grin. You may be cursed, but you will have revenge on the captain who left you to die. Do a 10 minute word war as you fly back to the ship in your new ghostly form, and take over as the new, undead captain of the ship. A joyful future of pillaging, plundering, and terrifying other ships lies ahead for you.

The End (bout dang time!)

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  Percy Jackson Themed crawl
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Over here you can find the crawl as a google doc.

You have been kicked out of every school you have gone too. (And you swear it's always been an accident) For every year of school you have done,  multiply it by 50 and write that many words. (11 years of school x 50 =550 words)

Your on the last field trip of the year at your fancy boarding school for troubled (rich) kids, even though you protest that you are neither. On the bus, the school bully is throwing peanut butter sandwich at your best friends head, and none of the teachers are watching, and you are getting really upset with the bully.
Quick! Write a 5 minute word sprint to control your anger!

You manage not to punch the bully in the face, and manage to make it to the historical museum. Your awesome latin teacher shows you around!
OPTIONAL! Write 400 words so you can remember things for your exam! Did you do it? Great! Have a can of bottled mist so you can skip a round!

During lunch, the bully comes to torture you  and your bestfriend when WHAM! They are on the ground wailing, and the meanest, strictest teacher  comes over with a mean look on her face.
Write a 100 words in a minute to think of an excuse!

She doesn't buy it, and
drags you to an empty room to "talk", when suddenly, she starts talking about a stolen item, and turns into one of the Furies! Out of nowhere, your Latin teacher comes and passes you a gold sword, and disappears just like that! Do a five minute word sprint to beat her!

You beat her, but you are no longer holding a sword, it is a pen, and everyone remembers a completely different teacher, your latin teacher doesn't even remember the fight! You only know something is up because your bestfriend is a terrible liar. Towards the end of June, you get more rash, confused and pick some fights, failing most of your exams and getting the notice that you will not be asked to return next year. You leave on a bus for home, your bestfriend next to you.
Write for 15 minutes on the trip back.

When you get home, your parent is just happy to see you, and says excitedly that you two are going to (insert meaningful cheap destination here).
Write 200 words as you pack!

You hop in the car and head out for the place. When you get there, it's ominous and stormy, and just as you get settled in, your best friend appears, telling your parent that they are being followed and that you have to leave for the camp. You are confused, but your parent says to get in the car and you all get in the car, with a shape chasing you.
Write to the nearest thousand so the cars goes faster!

Oh no! The shape turns out to be a minotaur and it caught up with you and flipped the car! Your friend is unconscious, and the minotaur picks up your parent and they disappear in a shower of gold! In a rage, you attack.
10 minute word war! Go!

You did it, you beat the minotaur and ripped of it's horn! Tired, you drag yourself and your friend past the border and fall unconscious.
Break TIME! You are unconscious, so you can't really do anything, so go take a break for 10 minutes.

You wake up a few days later, and you see that your bestfriend is alright! but they are a stayr who was supposed to protect you! But thy say your parent is probably dead, leaving you numb with grief. Now you have to go talk to the camp director and Director of activities, who turn out to be Dionysius and your Latin teacher, who is actually Chiron!
Write for an hour, at any pace you want. If you write more than 1,200 words, have a can of bottled mist so you can skip a round!

Chiron sends a girl named Annabeth to take you to where you'll be staying nd show you around the camp. During that, Clarisse, daughter of Ares, gets into a fight with you!
Write 700 words in 10 minutes! If you don't get 700 words, you loose and either a) The next print you do is extended by the amount of words you needed to get too 700  or b) the next amount of words you have to write gets increased by the amount you needed to get to 700.

The next day you do some sword training, and end up against Luke for a demonstration!
Go find a prompt, and the first one you see is the one you use! Come back in5 minutes!

The next few days is spent trying to figure out who your godly is, and suddenly it is Friday and it is capture the flag!
5 minute word sprint !
You are surrounded by Ares kids, and have to fend them all off! Write 300 words!

Somehow, you manage to beat them, and Luke comes by with the other teams flag! Turns out Annabeth was watching you the whole time with her invisibility cap. But is doesn't matter, your team won! Then suddenly a hellhound comes out of the darkness, prowling towards you! With a surge of power you beat it, and a sign flashes above your head, your godly parent has claimed you!

Using a random number generator (Random.org is a good one) put in numbers from 1 to 11. The number you get is your godly parent. Depending on your parent, do the following.

1. Zeus Your dad is the lord of the sky! Your dad's number 1, so you have to prove you are too! Challenge someone to a word war and make sure you win!
2. Posiedon Your father is king of the seas! When it comes to water, no one beats you! Write a scene that includes water!
3. Hades Your father is the lord of the underworld! Death and skeletons were your childhood! Write a few hundred words about how your main character(s) would react if someone close to them died.
4. Demeter As a child of the goddess of agriculture, make sure people don't dare underestimate you! Write a scene where your characters are eating something (preferably cereal)
5. Athena Arguably the smartest goddess around! Calculate what 5% of your word count is, and then write that number.
6. Aphrodite Your mom is the goddess of love and beauty! People will flock to you for your love advice! Write about how you think your character would try and flirt!
7. Apollo The god of archery, the sun and way too many other things. Congrats! Go onto your device, hit shuffle and the first song that comes up is how long you have to write 300 words.
8. Ares War! Fighting and violence is what your dad is all about! Write an epic fight scene in 10 minutes or less!
9. Hermes God of merchants and travels, great if you are going on a road trip at some point! Travel the forums and find a quick challenge or prompt to do.
10. Dionysus Not only is he the god of parties and wine, he is the camp director! Lucky you! Write a scene including alcohol and /or a party!
11. Hephaestus God of craftsmanship and fire! Count the amount of technology in the room with you, and multiply that number by 100. Write that many words.

You've settled in, but now  Chiron is saying that Zeus thinks
You stole the lightning bolt! But evidence points to Hades, so you have to head down to LAs Angelos, the nearest door to the underworld You have to leave tomorrow, so today you need to pack, practice and then rest.Write 500 words as fast as you can to train!

You ask your bestfriend to come, and Annabeth volunteers to come with you.  Before you leave, Luke gives you a pair of flying shoes, but they don't fit, so you give them to your bestfriend.Together you set off! The three of you are on a bus heading down, when out of nowhere all 3 furies come after you!
Complete the 3 digit challenge!

You escape them, but end up lost in a forest. In this area, you come across Aunty M's Garden Emporium. You and Annabeth almost fall for it, but your statyr friend suddenly realized that you were in /medusa's lair!
Type for 5 minutes with your eyes closed! Write more than 600 words? Have a can of a bottle of mist!

Oh no, you ran into a HYDRA!
Quick! Do the 50 headed Hydra Challenge!

Ares asks for your help in retrieving his and Aphrodite's stuff from the tunnel of love ride.
15 minute word sprint! In thanks, he gives you all a backpack filled with supplies.

You hitchhike in an animal transportation van, and end up in Las Vegas's Lotus Casino! The place hypnotizes you guys into wanting to stay there and forget everything!
In order to escape you have to write 1000 words in 1 hour!

Leaving the lotus casino, you make it to Los Angelos and head down to the underworld to speak to Hades. Wearing the shoes Luke meant for you, your best friend gets pulled into the pit where Kronos is!!
Write 200 words to save them.

It turns out that he doesn't have the bolt, and thinks you have his helmet of Fear/Invisibility.IT seems he also hads your parent, and says if you give his helme and the boltt back then he will return your parent safely. Then, it turns out
 Ares planted the bolt on you, but you can't let Hades have it. Write 500 words to escape

It turns out Ares is waiting for you! You confront him, challenging him for a fight.
Write 1500 words in an hour. If you don't succeed, do the last 3 challenges again.

You beat him, the furies collect the helm, and you three go up to Olympus and present the bolt to Zeus. Everything seems fine, and you head back to camp for he summer, knowing your parent is safe. On the second last day, Luke wants to talk to you in private, and the two of you  take a walk. Luke reveals his true motives, and leaves you with a poisonous scorpion crawling up your leg!  He leaves, leaving you for dead!
5 minute word sprint to get back to the camp so they can heal you before you die!

You make it to camp, where they give you ambrosia just in time before you die! The next  day is the end of summer, and you leave Camp Half-Blood to return to your parent and start your next school year/life.

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  Alice in Wonderland word crawl
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Over here you can find the google doc for the crawl is that is something you like to read from.

Alice in Wonderland Word Crawl

You are Alice, sitting on the riverbank, listening to your sister read from a book about William I, whose reign began in 1066 AD.  You grow bored, so write 1066 words as quickly as you can.

You spot the White Rabbit, who is very late for an important date.  His watch says 5 o’clock so
set your stopwatch for 5 minutes, and write as much as you can.

You chase the White Rabbit, following him into a rabbit hole, where you fall down, down, down.  
Write to the nearest thousand as you fall down the rabbit hole.

When you get to the bottom, you see the White Rabbit race through a tiny door, which you can’t fit through.  The doorknob tells you to drink from a little bottle marked “DRINK ME.”  After you drink it, you turn so tiny that you can’t reach the key to the door, which is on a normal sized table.  
Write 400 words to find a solution.

A cookie marked “EAT ME” appears.  You eat it and grow so big that you fill the entire room.  Time for a
big sprint of 30 minutes.

After all that, you are crying so hard your tears fill the room – though the doorknob tells you to drink again from the bottle.  You fall into the bottle and sail away in a river of your own tears through the doorknob’s keyhole and into Wonderland.  You see the Dodo, running the caucus race, where inhabitants of Wonderland race until they are dry.  
Race to the nearest hundred words.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee block your path to tell you the story of The Walrus and the Carpenter, The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things – of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kiiiiings.
 Pick one of those things.

For shoes, sprint to the nearest thousand.
For ships, think of your favorite fandom ship, add up the number of letters in the characters’ first names (for example Bella and Edward is 11, while Harry and Hermione is also 13) and multiply that number by 50.  Write that many words.
For sealing wax, let the dice seal your fate -- roll a standard six-sided die.  Multiply that number by 100, and write that many words.
For cabbages, write 250 words
For kings, try the Fifty Headed Hydra, elsewhere on the forum

You come to the White Rabbits house, where you eat another one of those “EAT ME” cookies, growing so big that you fill the rabbit’s whole house.  Time for another big
30 minute sprint while they smoke the monster out.

You eat a carrot and shrink down to the size of an insect – do a tiny,
5 minute sprint.

You meet a garden of enchanted flowers, who sing the song Golden Afternoon.  
Sprint for ten minutes while you convince the flowers that you aren’t a weed.

“Wooo…R…U?” The hookah smoking caterpillar asks.  He gives you a bit of mushroom, which returns you to your usual size.  
Sprint to the nearest thousand words to return to an even number.

You meet the Cheshire Cat, who directs you to the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse at their Mad Tea Party.  In honor of the price tag still affixed to the Mad Hatters chapeau (10/6)
sprint for 10 minutes, then sprint for 6.

A Very Merry Unbirthday to YOU!  
Take your birth month (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.) and multiply that by 100.  Write that many words.

You get lost in the Tulgey Wood.  Don’t step on the Mome Raths –
try to write 100 words without a typo.

The Cheshire Cat appears again, directing you to the hedge maze where the Queen of Hearts wants you to play croquet with her.
 500 words or off with your head!

The Queen of Hearts puts you on trial –
a five minute sprint while you think up a good case should do the trick.

You take a bite of the caterpillar’s mushroom, growing to a giant size so you can yell at the Queen of Hearts.  
Roll a six-sided die, multiply that number by 100 and write that many words.

After you shrink back down to your usual size, the Queen of Hearts sentences you to death.  You flee, pursued by many of the inhabitants of Wonderland, all the way back to the door knob.  
Sprint for 10 minutes as you flee.

The doorknob convinces you that it was all a dream, and you wake up again on the riverbank, with your sister.  You and your sister happily walk home for tea.  
Take a much deserved tea break from writing!

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  Hamilton Word Crawl
Posted by: Destiny_Caspian - 04-10-2018, 04:34 PM - Forum: READY... STEADY... WRITE! - No Replies

Act I
Alexander Hamilton: Put a pencil to your temple, connect it to your brain. Write 500 words to inspire your neighbors to take up a collection to send you to the mainland.
Aaron Burr, Sir: Talk less. Smile more. And write more. Do a 15-minute sprint.
My Shot: Don’t throw away your shot. Sprint to the nearest thousand.
The Story of Tonight: Raise a glass to freedom! Take a break, and write 150 words.
The Schuyler Sisters: Work! Work! Do a 3-digit sprint.
Farmer Refuted: Oh my god, tear this dude apart – in a 5-minute word war.
You’ll Be Back: Write 200 words to stop George from sending a fully-armed battalion to remind you of his love.
Right Hand Man: Rise up! Even if you’re working with a third of what our Congress has promised, you can still sprint 3% of your current word count.
A Winter’s Ball: Hamilton may want to fight, not write, but you still have a novel to finish. Write 250 words.
Helpless: One week later and you’re writing a letter nightly. So get tonight’s letter (or word count) done in a 10-minute sprint.
Satisfied: You will never be satisfied… with the word count from the last challenge. Don’t be “helpless”- write twice as much as you just wrote.
The Story of Tonight (reprise): Raise a glass to freedom- something you will never see again! At least, not for the rest of the month. Take a break, have a drink. We’ll see you on the other side of the war.
Wait For It: Are you willing to wait for it? Or do you exhibit no restraint? Listen to the song, and either take another break or write until it’s over.
Stay Alive: Outrun, outlast. Hit ‘em quick, get out fast. Do three rounds of 100-word sprints.
Ten Duel Commandments: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine- It’s time for a #1k1hr!
Meet Me Inside: Write 500 words. That’s an order, from your commander.
That Would Be Enough: We don’t need a legacy. We don’t need money. But you do have to write. Do a 5-minute sprint. That would be enough.
Guns and Ships: And so the balance shifts! If you can rap this, take a break from the writing and rattle off these verses. If you can’t, write 200 words (the approximate words-per-minute of this song).
History Has Its Eyes On You: I know that we can win. I know that greatness lies in you. So write 750 words.
Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): Through the night, we have one shot to live another day. Fight that Fifty Headed Hydra!
What Comes Next?: Wow. Do you have a clue what happens now? Finish out your current scene and figure that out.
Dear Theodosia: Do whatever it takes. Make a million mistakes. Just write 300 words without deleting.
Non-Stop: How do you write every second you’re alive? How do you write like you need it to survive? Write non-stop in a 1-hour sprint.
Act II
What’d I Miss?: You have your first cabinet meeting today. Use a ten-minute sprint to think of something to say.
Cabinet Battle #1: Are you ready for a cabinet meeting? Do a 15-minute word war to determine the victor in today’s debate!
Take A Break: You want to take a break… but there’s just so much on your plate! You can’t stop until you get your plan through Congress, so write for the duration of the song.
Say No To This: Haven’t slept in a week? Are you weak, in need of a break? Say “no” to the temptation to stop and write 250 words.
The Room Where It Happens: When you got skin in the game, you stay in the game. But you don’t get a win unless you play in the game. So write 1000 words now, because you’ll get nothing if you wait for it (wait for it, wait!)
Schuyler Defeated: Will you change things up to seize the opportunity you saw? Change plot direction, introduce a new character, or start a new scene. Or keep your political loyalties and do two rounds of a 250-word sprint instead.
Cabinet Battle #2: France is on the verge of war with England. Do a 3-digit sprint to convince Washington to draft a statement of neutrality.
Washington on Your Side: Every action has it’s equal, opposite reactions. Do another #1k1hr, and try not to crack under the stress.
One Last Time: Relax, have a drink. Let’s take a break tonight. Pick up your pen and keep writing later.
I Know Him: Ocean’s rise, empires fall, and you need to write 150 words.
The Adams Administration: As long as you hold a pen, you’re a threat. Tackle another Fifty Headed Hydra to hold your own against the new administration.
We Know: Even if you may have mortally wounded your prospects, your papers are orderly. If they aren’t, take 10 minutes to tidy up the loose ends in this scene.
Hurricane: You’ll write your way out, write everything down far as you can see. Do a 30-minute sprint.
The Reynolds Pamphlet: Use a Random Number Generator to pick a number between 1 and 10. Multiply that number by 95 (the number of pages in the Reynolds Pamphlet) and write that many words. Now you’ll have one less thing to worry about (one less thing to worry about).
Burn: Eliza may be burning the letters she wrote, but you can’t do the same. Write 300 words without deleting a thing.
Blow Us All Away: Be smart. Make me proud. Sprint for 20 minutes, and blow us all away!
Stay Alive – Reprise: Are you doing to survive this [month]? Write 700 words.
It’s Quiet Uptown: I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing. But if you aren’t crying too hard listening to this song, sprint for an hour and try to do the unimaginable.
The Election of 1800: Can we get back to politics? Or at least back to writing? Please? There’s nothing you wouldn’t do, so chase what you want and sprint to the nearest thousand.
Your Obedient Servant: Look back on where you failed- what’s the common thread in every place you’ve checked? Whatever it is, correct it now in a ten-minute sprint.
Best of Wives and Best of Women: You just need to write something down. 150 words should do it.
The World Was Wide Enough: What is a legacy? What if this novel is your legacy? Better finish it then. Sprint 3% of your current word count.
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story. But you can tell the story of your novel. Finish out with an attempt at 3k in 1 hour.

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  Legend of Korra crawl
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You can find the link for the crawl here.

Legend of Korra Crawl
Welcome!  This crawl is intermediate level of difficulty.  It is possible to do it all in one go, but it may take a while.  The rules are simple.  Just follow the directions for each part and keep track of your word count!  Let everyone know how you’re doing throughout!
This is set in season one of Legend of Korra, but isn't really cannon compliant.  I used elements of events that happened in season one.


  1. You can re-do any challenge you like if you don’t get the desired result. BUT!! You can only re-do once per challenge!
  2. If you fail a challenge, you have one skip option.

Phase I – Welcome to Republic City!

Welcome to Republic City!  All new arrivals must register with the city council before settling in.  Please grab a number and take a seat; someone will be with you shortly.

Write 400 words while you wait for a representative of Republic City.

A bored looking middle age woman with graying hair calls out your number and you come forward.  She’s wearing neutral browns and greens with a small Earth Kingdom pin attached to her collar.  “Welcome to Republic City,” she drones in a monotone voice, looks at your identification card, scribbles down some information, and then hands you a clipboard with several sheets of paper.  “Fill these out then go to the next waiting area.”

You take the clipboard and begin filling out your name, date of birth, kingdom of origin, and what kind of bender (if any) you are.

Time to figure out what kind of bender you are!  If you already know what you are/want to be, simply follow the challenge set for the bending style.  If you don’t know or want to be surprised, use rolz.org to get a number between 1 & 20.
1, 6, 11, 16 = Airbender
2, 7, 12, 17 = Waterbender
3, 8, 13, 18 = Earthbender
4, 9, 14, 19 = Firebender
5, 10, 15, 20 = Nonbender

Air Nomads were wanderers, but had four air temples, one at each corner of the globe, hidden away atop mountain ranges and islands.  The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom.  They are generally peaceful people until they are called upon to protect their loved ones or way of life. Take as much time as you need, meditate a little if you want, to reach 500 words.

Waterbenders are also generally peaceful.  They strive to live in harmony with nature and the other nations of the world.  The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.  Waterbenders live at the North Pole, South Pole, and in the Foggy Swamp!  Race to get 300 words in 20 minutes!


The Earth Kingdom is the largest and most populated sovereignty in the world.  Residents of the Earth Kingdom adhere to a philosophy of peaceful coexistence and cooperation with the other nations of the world.  Earthbenders use their abilities for defense and industry, and fiercely defend their cities against attacks.  The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong.  They are persistent and enduring. Write 400 words in 25 minutes to prove your strength!


The Fire Nation is the second-largest nation in terms of area.  However its economy is the most powerful in the world.  Its strong industrial sector and extensive technological developments not only enabled the Fire nation to create an extremely powerful military, but also initiated the worldwide modernization and globalization.  The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.  There is a great emphasis on respect and honor, especially toward the nobility and elders.  Claim your honor by writing 250 words in 15 minutes.


Non-benders are people who don’t have any special elemental bending power, but that doesn’t mean they can’t kick ass!  Nonbenders live all over the globe.  Many make up for not having a bending talent by learning other arts.  Some train their bodies to be strong.  Some train with a blade and become master fighters.  Some train at art, acting, engineering, technology, or music.  The truth is there is no limit to what a non-bender can do!  Prove how amazing you are, despite not having a bending talent, by writing 350 words in 25 minutes!

You finish all of the paperwork and hand it in at the next window.  A balding man with a long Fu Manchu mustache and a perpetual smile welcomes you and gives you your new identity card that shows you are a citizen of Republic City.

All settled with the city council, you head out to find a place to live!  There are so many options in Republic City just waiting for you!  However you easily get lost in the sprawling city and it’s getting dark.  As you round a corner, you run into a young man with wavy black hair and a green outfit.  A chirping fire ferret is perched on his head.  “Whoa!  Watch out!  Are you okay?” he asks gripping your shoulders to steady you.

You tell him you’re fine, but that you’re a bit lost.  “New in town, huh?  Well my name is Bolin!  Nice to meet you!  Do you need help?”

You try to tell him that you’re fine, but he laughs and insists on helping you out.  You soon find yourself at the Pro-Bending Arena and led up to a flat at the very top.  “Bolin, you need to stop bringing home strays,” a voice complains as you enter.

“They needed help, Mako!  And I don’t
always bring home strays!” Bolin protests.

Mako only grins and rolls his eyes.  He’s dressed in a white tank top that’s seen better days and a pair of dark tan pants.  He stands at a small stove making dinner.  “Come on then.  I’ve got enough for three.”  He gestures at a small table and Bolin excitedly sets three places.  “So, what’s your story?” Mako asks as he serves a dinner of sticky rice, vegetables, and steamed fish.

Write 400 words as you tell Mako and Bolin how you came to Republic City.  You also learn about the brothers.

“Wow!  Sounds like you’ve had quite a journey getting here!” Bolin comments as he finishes off his rice.  “But you don’t have anywhere to stay!  Oh!  Mako!  Can they stay with us?!  Please!  We’ve got room!”

Mako seems to be making up his mind, but you don’t want to run the risk of him saying no.  You really need a place to stay for the night!

Sprint to the nearest thousand as you convince Mako to let you stay!

“Okay, I guess you can stay until you find a place,” Mako relents.  “But I’m warning you now, don’t complain to me when you wake up from Bolin’s snoring!”

“I do not snore!” Bolin retorts as the fire ferret (introduced as Pabu) chitters indignantly from his shoulder.

Phase II – Meet the Avatar

The next morning you wake up and eagerly make porridge for the brothers as a thank you for letting you stay with them.  You are just about to head out into the city when a young woman wearing Water Tribe garb runs in and starts speaking excitedly.  “GUYS!  You’ll never guess what just happened!”  She goes on to tell about the Equalist rally she’s found out about, and how she wants their help in infiltrating it.  Afterwards, she pauses and seems to finally notice you.  “Oh!  Hi… um, who are you?”

Write 150 words as you introduce yourself.

“Oh!  Nice to meet you!  I’m Korra.”

You hesitate at this.  “Korra?  As in
Avatar Korra?”

Korra smiles widely, “Yeah.  Hey!  Wanna come with tonight?”

“Sure!  I’d love to help!”

“Okay, but first I want to know what you can do!”

You need to show Avatar Korra that you’re capable of helping out!

If you’re an Airbender, write 200 words as you zoom around the room on a ball of air!

If you’re a Waterbender, write 250 words as you skillfully manipulate the water from your glass into fancy shapes!

If you’re an Earthbender, write 150 words as you make two of the rock training discs levitate then soar directly into the training net past Bolin’s defenses!

If you’re a Firebender, write 300 words as you perform the Dancing Dragon!

If you’re a Nonbender, write 200 words as you show her your chi blocking moves!

“Wow!  That’s amazing!” Korra replies after you’re done.  “You’ll be great to have along!”

Later that afternoon, you go with Bolin and Mako to meet Korra in an alley behind a warehouse.  Another young woman with long dark curls and dressed in red is already there with her.  She introduces herself as Asami.  Together, the five of you sneak into the warehouse and blend in with the rest of the crowd.  Soon a man in a white mask with a red circle on the forehead steps out onto the stage.  He introduces himself as Amon and starts to speak.

Do a
15 minute word war as you listen to Amon.

“The era of bending is over!  A new era of equality has begun!” Amon finishes his speech to cheers from the crowd.  However your group is feeling distinctly uncomfortable now, even Asami who isn’t a bender.

“I think we should get out of here,” Mako whispers.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.  There’s too many people who could get hurt if we do something,” Korra reluctantly replies.

All five of you turn to leave, but at that moment, nonbenders dressed all in black and wearing masks step in front of you.  “Ah!  Avatar Korra!  Leaving so soon?” Amon asks.  The crowd turns to face your group.  “I’d hate to think it was something I said,” Amon says in a low threatening voice.

Korra starts to berate Amon for his Equalist campaign.  Meanwhile, Asami leans close and whispers that as soon as she counts to three everyone should act as one to start fighting the guards in order to get out.  “1…. 2…. 3!!” Asami shouts the last number and all of a sudden all five of you are in motion, wielding your own defenses to clear a path to the door!

Listen to this
60 minutes of Epic Music as you battle your way through the guards!

It takes a while, and everyone is bruised and battered, but eventually all five of you get away in one piece.  You make it back to the Pro-Bending Arena out of breath and ready to keel over.  “That didn’t go as planned,” Korra comments.

“You think?” Asami growls.  “Just what did you expect to happen?”

“Hey!  I just wanted to know what was going on!” Korra fires back.

“Well we barely escaped no thanks to you!”

“I pulled my weight!  And we
did escape if you’ll notice!”

“Hey!  Break it up!” Mako steps between the two women.  “It’s no one’s fault!  I have no idea how Amon found out we were there, but it is no one’s fault!”

“We should just leave this to the police,” Asami says as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Yeah, like the police have done much good so far,” Korra replies.

“Hey!  Knock it off!  Both of you!” Mako growls.  “I think everyone should head home.  We can re-group tomorrow and discuss what we should do.”

Everyone grudgingly agrees and the flat clears out.  “That was tense,” Bolin comments.  Pabu agrees with a small squeak from his shoulder.

All three of you agree that it’s probably best if you get some sleep and rest up before tomorrow.

Do a
1k sprint as you try to settle down from the evenings’ excitement.

Phase III – Trouble!

You wake up early the next morning determined to prove yourself.  Maybe, if you can figure out Amon’s plan you can prove your worth to the group!  Quietly, you head out of the flat and down to the pre-dawn still streets of Republic City.

Do a
15 minute word war while you make your way back to the warehouse.

Once you reach the warehouse, you discover that it’s deserted.  The posters from last night are all gone, and there isn’t even a stray leaflet on the ground.  You are looking around the warehouse, remembering what happened last night, when you feel a tap on your shoulder.  You whirl around in surprise ready to strike out, but stop when you see Bolin.  “AHH!  Don’t shoot!!” he shouts as Pabu scurries behind him.

“What are you doing here?!” you ask still breathing hard.

“Following you!” he replies.  “Wait!  It’s not what it sounds like…. Okay yeah it is.” He shrugs.  “I was worried when I saw you leave this morning.”

“So you followed me?  I might have just been going to find my own place?  Or job hunting?”

Bolin pointed accusingly.  “But you didn’t!”

You sigh and roll your eyes.  “Okay, fine.  I came out looking for clues about what Amon is planning.”

“By yourself?” Pabu chitters at you too as though asking the same question.

You look down at your feet as you answer.  “I wanted to prove myself to you guys.”

“What?!” Bolin’s eyes grow wide.  “You did that last night!  We probably woulda never made out without you!”

“Thanks, Bolin,” you smile at him.  “Right, let’s get down to business!  Time to search for clues!”

Sprint to the nearest thousand while you search for clues.

Finally you find a homeless man near the warehouse who, for a few coins, remembers seeing Amon and his followers head west.  You thank him and take to the streets again with Bolin.  The only thing west of the warehouses are the docks, so Amon must be hiding there!

Sprint to 500 words while you race to the docks with Bolin and Pabu!

You finally reach the docks and find some dock workers talking about Amon.  The three of you follow the dock workers to another warehouse marked with Earth Nation symbols.  Quietly, you slip through the door and hide behind some crates.  In the back of the warehouse is Amon surrounded by guards dressed all in black.  They seem to be talking about an event that will be happening later today.  “No one will suspect anything other than Fire Nation Nationalists,” one of the guards assures Amon.

“Good, we wouldn’t want this to come back on my followers.”

Bolin nudges you and points toward the door, indicating that he wants to get out of there.  You shake your head and hold up a finger for just one more minute.  Pabu is already by the door.

“So nice of you to join us,” Amon says a little louder.  “I hope you’ve found some interesting information.”  He turns to look directly at where you and Bolin are hiding.

You move to run, but there are guards behind you.  Both you and Bolin strike out at the guards, but they use chi blocking moves against you and you both fall limp.  “Unfortunately,” Amon is suddenly closer, standing over you now.  “You won’t be able to go back and tell your friend, the Avatar.”

“What?!  Us? Know the Avatar?” Bolin tries to play dumb.

Amon crouches down near you.  “I’m not stupid.  I remember you from the Equalist rally last night.”  He stands up and makes a motion for his guards to gather you and Bolin up.  “I’m sure the Avatar would never leave her friends in the hands of the Equalists.  She will come for you, and she will fail.”

The guards tie your hands and feet together before throwing you and Bolin on the floor in the middle of the warehouse.  A few other guards carefully set down a crate nearby.  There’s a faint ticking coming from inside.  They leave quickly afterwards.  As he is leaving, Amon turns back towards you.  “I hope for your sake Avatar Korra arrives before the
Fire Nation Nationalists destroy this warehouse,” he uses air quotes as he says Fire Nation Nationalists.

Try to complete the
Fifty Headed Hydra challenge while you think of an escape plan!  If you fail, write another 200 words.

“Pabu!” Bolin shouts as the fire ferret comes bounding over to you.  Mako, Asami, and Korra come rushing in after the small red animal.  They quickly set to work untying you and Bolin.

“Mako!  We have to get out of here!” Bolin shouts as the last of the rope slides from his ankles.  “There’s a bomb!”

Mako, Asami, and Korra all glance at the ticking crate, suddenly realizing what it was.  Pabu is in the lead as everyone scrambles to get out.  “COME ON!” Bolin grabs his brother’s scarf forcing him to follow while you push at Asami and Korra.

You barely make it fifty feet before the warehouse goes up in flames with a loud explosion.  The force of the explosion push all of you to the ground leaving you breathless as flaming debris lands around you.  Bruised and scratched, you rise and look back at the demolished warehouse.  Dock workers come rushing over to put out the fire, and in a few short minutes the Republic City Police are there.

Do the
Three Digit Challenge while you explain to Police Chief Lin Beifong what happened.

Once all is said and done, you gather with Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Korra on the dock out of the way.  “Amon got away,” Korra grumbled.

“Yeah, but at least we’re all alive,” you say.

“Yeah, we’ll get him next time!” Bolin chimes in.

“And at least his plan to blame the Fire Nation for the explosion didn’t work,” Asami points out.

Korra’s frown lessens and she nods.  “At least everyone is okay,” she says quietly.  Her face lightens considerably then and she smiles at all of you.  “Come on, Pema is making noodle bowls tonight.”

“YES!  NOODLES!” Bolin fist-pumps and Pabu chitters happily.

You follow your friends as Korra leads you back towards Air Temple Island

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