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Posted by: alternatingcurrent - 01-23-2018, 05:32 PM - Forum: ANNOUNCEMENTS - No Replies


You will create a wishlist for a short story and a secret SMASHgenie will grant your wishes!  In turn, you will be a SMASHgenie for someone else!  
SMASHpoints will be awarded for participation and for submitting your story on time!

Sign-ups: Jan 23-30
Assignments: Jan 31
Stories due: Mar 1

SIGN-UP: Please fill out this Google form to enter the exchange. Don’t forget to fill out your wishlist! SMASHstaff will contact you with your recipient’s wishlist.

The theme is purposefully broad to give you lots of room to work with.  We are not limiting you to romantic love, so feel free to experiment with maternal/paternal love, love of friendship, heartbreak, anything that fits along the theme!


Min/Max Wordcount: Please keep stories between 1k and 10k.  Keep in mind you only have a month to write and edit, so don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Content: As a SMASHgenie, you will be required to incorporate a MINIMUM of one item from your recipient’s wishlist.  Feel free to incorporate more if you see fit!

Editing: Srsly. No one is going to upset if the Oxford Comma isn’t used 100% consistently, but things DO need to be edited.

Submission: Please submit your story as a GoogleDoc to the SMASHstaff, who will pass it onto your recipient.

During the month, SMASHstaff will be doing check-ins with SMASHgenies to see how they’re doing, if they are on track to finish, or to be sounding board to help get ideas flowing.

Sometimes life happens.  We understand.  There will be a short grace period for completing your story after the due date, but we strongly urge you not to PLAN on using the grace period.  We want everyone to receive their story in a timely manner.  

SMASHstaff reserve the right to remove a participant from the exchange or ban them from future exchanges if deemed necessary.  

Good luck and have fun SMASHers! 

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  Weekly Writer’s Check-In - Dec 17, 2017: Style Changes
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 12-17-2017, 08:39 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - No Replies

With a new year almost upon us, I thought we might talk about style changes! This is a good time to look back at your works over the year (and further back!) to see where you’ve made improvements in style and your overall voice. You can also reflect back on things you didn’t particularly like and hopefully see a way of changing them to something you like better. (I definitely have had my fair share of that this year, but skipped over the fixing part for the sake of moving on. XD)

I know that my writing has changed a lot over this year alone! What I was doing in April, I really liked, but it had changed, slightly, by July. What I was doing in July, I liked too, but then it changed rather dramatically by November! I’m writing in a way that I really enjoy right now, and I hope I can keep this style going, but I know it will still change and evolve, just hopefully for the better!

For this week, if you're up for it, share a small snippet of something you've written that you don't really like, and then try rewriting it!

Or, just share something that you really, really like!

Here's mine. =D

OLD: But excitement, at last, as he left his two dumbfounded and irritated would-be lays, coming to take Souji’s outreached hand. Being caught sent sparks through his veins and finally, a throb of arousal as he turned and left the alleyway, Hijikata-san’s strong fingers around the back of his neck, forcing him to keep moving forward.

NEW: Excitement, excitement at last as he left to take a soft, outreached hand, a shuddering gasp from Souji as they came together. Soft, cold fingers warmed in his grasp as he was led away, and a rough, callused palm at his neck forced him to keep moving forward.

I do hope your writing is treating you well this week!!!

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  Weekly Writer’s Check-In - Dec 10, 2017: Resting Up
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 12-12-2017, 05:32 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - Replies (2)

Whelp! These are the final weeks of December! Weekly Writer’s Check-In is back now, and will be here until probably March/April when I switch to Camp NaNo. =D

I know many of us are taking a break, and you should! November is a hard month, especially for those here that are students, and now finals have come up in addition to the holidays… So much going on and running around to do! I don’t want anyone here to feel bad for taking a break. It’s more important to take care of yourself first!!!

For me, I wanted to keep my momentum going, and it’s going really well! I’m getting a bunch of goals together and hope to have a good game plan come January. =D I hope we can all get some goals and be writing together again soon!

This week, share the last thing you wrote! Here’s mine:

“Tokio and I are have having another child, Sanosuke…” Smoke breathed out from a breath he did not realize he had been holding, naming his weakness, at last.

Whether you are thinking of starting a writing goal in January, or you are continuing on from November’s momentum, I hope your writing is going well! Don’t forget to stop by and share something!!!

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  NaNoWriMo 2017 Wrap-Up
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 12-03-2017, 06:42 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - Replies (6)

Phew! We all made it through NaNo! I just want to let everyone know, even if you didn't hit that 50k goal, so long as you put in ANY effort at all, you were successful. <3

Many of us got off to a slow start, I know I certainly did! I did not even write 550 words the first day and was feeling the stress of being behind right from the very beginning. That with the added stress of trying to finish two fics to post... I will be doing my best to not do that next year. lol

So, to wrap up NaNo for the year, let's talk about some things that you think worked really well for you, and things that may be didn't go so well. For me, the Motivationally Challenged Crawl was a BIG help, and especially working with others, knowing they were writing. <3 That was probably my biggest motivator, doing sprints and to know others were writing, too. =D

As for things that did not work for me... Well, again, trying to write and finish two fics, fully edited and formatted for posting in 2 weeks... Not uh, not my best idea. I came really close but! I know I need to not overburden myself like that for next year, especially since I am definitely planning to join both challenges again.

Moving forward, I want to have some daily goals, to keep the momentum going, and some monthly goals, like finishing a chapter or a fic every month. It's something I think is TOTALLY doable if I can write about 500 words a day. I really want to do 1k a day, but that extra 500 words has me really intimidated right now, since I struggled so many days over the last month to even get 500 words. Really, so long as I write even a sentence every day, I'll be pretty happy. =D I really want to keep this motivation going and be more consistent with my writing. Every NaNo and Camp NaNo, I get REALLY motivated to keep going, but I end up faltering a little bit, but that little bit seems to get less and less, so hopefully this year I can be a lot more consistent!!!

So! What were your biggest motivators this past NaNo, and your biggest detractors? And if you already have some goals in mind for next year, share them! I love to hear what you guys are up to, whether it be a word goal or a project you want to work on. <3

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  NaNoWriMo 2017 Check In - Week Four
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 11-26-2017, 02:49 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - No Replies

This is it, the final few days of NaNo. I’m posting this one a few days early, to hopefully give a little push to those of us that are behind or might be on the verge of giving up.

I know a lot of people say that as long as you wrote even one word this month, it’s not a failure, and maybe that can feel like a cop out, because one word really doesn’t seem like that much, especially when the goal is to write 50k. But, there are months when I can't even open a document without wanting to puke or hide or die because I just cannot write or even conceive of writing. When I say that even ONE WORD is progress, I mean it. If all you did for the day was open your document and read a few paragraphs and maybe make a few correction, that IS progress. If you can do that even once, that's effort you put in.

No matter how many words you end up with by the end of this November, you are still successful even if you didn't get that 50k. You are still a writer, no matter how many or how few words you got this month. I believe in each and every one of you. I know that you can be successful and you will do it in your own time.

Moods come and go as does motivation and inspiration. It's okay to have an off day, or week, or month, or even a bad writing year!!! So long as you aren't giving up, deleting your works, burning your notebooks, (*faints at the prospect of that*) then you are still doing good! The key is to never give up and forgive yourself if you don't live up to your goals. Writing can be a persnickety thing, elusive at the best of times and downright impossible at the worst of times.

Writing is a very personal and emotional thing for most of us and if you aren't feel well, it's going to take a toll on your writing, so, as always, take care of yourself first, your writing will be there, waiting for you when you do feel better. <3

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  NaNoWriMo 2017 Check In - Week Three
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 11-21-2017, 01:40 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - Replies (2)

Here's week three!!! Some of us have already finished or ahead and some of us are staying right on goal, but I think the vast majority of us are falling a little behind. I want to let everyone know that that is perfectly okay. This week might be a good time to take a look at how feasible it is going to be to reach that 50k. I am not saying to give up, just give yourself a break. Maybe you can push to get to 30k or 40k, while still keeping that 50k goal in mind. Just remember that no matter how much you have written, even if you don't get to that 50k, you still did something amazing by even taking that first step and writing to begin with.

Let yourself be realistic this week and maybe a new goal might give you a little more enthusiasm. You're not giving up! You're just taking care of yourself. <3 But!!! There is still plenty of time to hunker down and get those words out, if you really want that 50k. You still have over a week to really buckle down and see what you can do. Don't worry about word choice or if you are unclear, just write, write, write! Worrying about word choice and clarity is for later, so let yourself, more than ever, write badly, use a dumb word, whatever it takes to keep your momentum going. The goal right now is to just keep going without worrying about where you have been. You can figure out the path you came down later, in December. <3

If you would like, share what you have been struggling with the most, after all, complaining works!

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  NaNoWriMo 2017 Check In - Week Two
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 11-16-2017, 07:39 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - No Replies

Aaah I'm running late! But that's okay! I know a lot of us are behind right now, and that's okay. We've hit the halfway point, and even if you do not have your 25k yet, keep going. One word at a time and you will get there. And you know, even if you don't hit that 50k by November 30th, that's okay too, because you STILL wrote for a whole month. You put in so much effort and time. 50k words shouldn't be your only goal for the whole, just one part of your goal to write your story, or stories!

Being behind is really scary and stressful, especially when you see you are 7k or 8k behind, and even more scary if it is more words than that. Just remember to break it down into smaller goals! A lot of us are doing crawls and sprints to keep motivated and writing. <3 And the weekends/days off are a great time to try to catch up!

Sometimes NaNo is REALLY hard and it's just not a lot of fun, but if you can push through it, you can be left with some amazing rewards, either a finished story, a finished chapter, or even just a finished scene! (Or sometimes in my case, just a finished sentence. XD I like to not finish sentences. It's very annoying and frustrating to my future self.)  

However, if you have gotten to a point where you are staring at the screen or your blank paper and just despising everything you can think of to write (or can't think of anything at all), it might be time to take a break. Writing should be fun, and even if it gets hard, it shouldn't be something you flat out hate doing. It's okay to say you are done for the day, or even the month! It's not a failure if you wrote even one word this month.

I really love writing with all of you, and it has been so motivating and inspiring for me. The support from this group has really pushed me forward this month and I hope I can continue to be a part of that, to help people, to encourage. A simple 'you can do it!' can go so far, and offering to join a sprint with someone is an amazing gift that benefits so many people in our little group. So, I hope to see you all pushing forward for the next two weeks, offering encouragement and joining in the writing!!!

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  NaNoWriMo 2017 Check In - Week One
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 11-07-2017, 03:26 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - Replies (2)

Whew! The first week is done! How is everyone doing so far? I know that many of us, myself included, had a really rough start. Usually it's week two that gets hard!!! Hopefully the reverse will be true for all of us and we won't hit that very common week two slump.

So far, my week two has actually treated me very well and I'm starting to get caught up! It is still very early in the month, and even if you are lagging behind a little bit, that's okay! Do what you can, and day-by-day, you'll get there. I also feel it is important to note that writing 50k really shouldn't be your ultimate end goal, writing should be fun, and sometimes it is hard, yes, but ultimately, if you are truly hating what you are doing, then maybe it's not worth continuing for the time-being.

It’s been quite a few years since I have read the NaNo Pep Talks (especially since the whole talk is no longer included in the body of the email and ugh… clicking is haaard) but I did happen to read this one! This is a problem I have been having a lot lately, and it’s been getting in the way of my enjoyment and productivity. If you let yourself worry about the end product, how it might sell, or even how it might be viewed, you can end up stopping yourself before you even get started, which has been a huge stumbling block for me as of late!

And remember to take care of yourselves, which gets a lot more difficult as the month continues on. It's okay to walk away from your computer or notepad and put your keyboard or pen down. Maybe for just a few minutes or hours, maybe even the whole day, and that's entirely okay. If the writing stops being fun, then it's usually better to take a break. You are more important than NaNoWriMo and your writing will be there waiting for you, when you're ready to pick it up again. <3

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  NaNoWriMo Prep Season - Week 10/10
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 10-31-2017, 11:23 AM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - Replies (4)

Whelp. This it. Tomorrow is The Day. Tomorrow starts the insanity. Tomorrow we have to figure out how to let go and let our fingers fly over the keyboard, to let us write a stupid sentence. To write a lot of stupid sentences. But!!! We also get to write good sentences. We get to write ourselves into corners, starting tomorrow, and then say to hell with our plot holes and inconsistencies and shrug and just keep writing. Tomorrow, you get to put away your inner editor (as well as you can, at least!). TOMORROW COMPLETE ABANDON OF SANITY AND EDITING BEGINS!!! So, let yourself write something badly or sillily. (Is that even a word? Eh. Tomorrow, all randomly strung together letters are words, why not start early!)

With NaNo less than 24 hours away (aaaaah!), use this thread to share your excitement (or lack thereof lol). (Also, here is the summaries thread once more!)

I'm very excited to get going on NaNo, to see my words adding up. For whatever reason, in November, I can just let myself go, and not even at CampNaNo do I feel this sort of freedom! There's just something about November and good ole NaNo Classic that gets me motivated and writing so freely!

Also, Happy Halloween! =D Go have fun today and tonight. Go cover yourself in pumpkin guts and run around in costumes. Or, just run around in pumpkin guts. (It's what I usually do.) Enjoy the candy (and/or booze!) and get a head start on the gleeful abandon, for Tomorrow We Write!

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  NaNoWriMo Prep Season - Week 9/10
Posted by: LuciferxDamien - 10-27-2017, 07:29 PM - Forum: WRITING AS RIOTING - No Replies

It's almost here, everyone!!! We're only just a matter of days from NaNo starting. Are we excited??? Nervous? Perhaps feeling a little queasy? Or maybe just wondering how it could possibly be November already, 'cause wasn't it just like, May like, last week?! (That's where I'm at. Boy how this year has just flown by!)

I just want to take this week to tell everyone that you've come this far. No matter if you are totally inspired and prepared, or hanging at the edge, trying to figure out if you've got a story worth writing, I want you to know that you've already come so far, and if you do not make it to that 50k finish line, that's totally okay! So long as you do your best, so long as you join in, and so long as you enjoy yourself, you will have been successful this November.

We all have prior commitments like work and family and children and friends, and those things are going to get in the way of our writing, but that's okay too, because it is usually the people that are closest to us that can bring us the most inspiration. There will be things out of our control, like emergencies and just being down in general, but so long as you push forward and keep trying, you'll get there! Maybe your 'there' won't be 50k words, and that's okay. For me, NaNoWriMo and November are about pushing on, to keep going and trying and most of all, to keep writing.

It's still a few days off from NaNo starting, so take a little break. Allow yourself to rest. If you're super prepared with your outlines and ideas, awesome! Relax and let your subconscious mull over all those story ideas. If you're still fretting for an idea, don't worry! NaNo isn't here yet! Poke around the forum (like maybe the Summaries Thread?) Or come over to the Discord server and poke some brains! (Not literally tho, cause we're all gonna need our brains in a few days!!!)

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